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TAR UC Students Emerge as ACCA High Achievers

April 6, 2018 | Campus News
Teo Loi Pin, top scorer in Malaysia and eighth in the World for Paper P1 Governance, Risk, and Ethics in the ACCA December 2017 examinations.

The recent release of results for ACCA December 2017 examinations show two Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) students, Teo Loi Pin and Irene Lee Wan Chien, scoring very well in two papers. Teo Loi Pin aced Paper P1 Governance, Risk, and Ethics to emerge Top in Malaysia and eighth in the World while Irene Lee Wan Chien outclassed the rest to achieve top in Malaysia and fifth in the World for Paper P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance.

Loi Pin, who is studying the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) programme at TAR UC, never expected to attain such a result but he atttributed his success to sheer effort and hard work. “Time management was my biggest challenge at the beginning as I had to pay attention to all the subjects on top of the preparation for the examination. But by working out a realistic schedule and having regular revision sessions, I made sure to stay on track and on top of my studies.”

Wan Chien, who is pursuing the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) programme at TAR UC, on the other hand shared her motivation that pushed her to achieve this outstanding result. She said: “As cliché as it sounds, having an ultimate goal was my main motivation. Each time, when I passed by the corridors, the faces of TAR UC students who were Malaysian and world Prize Winners of the ACCA examination on the bulletin board would appear before my eyes. Then I would tell myself that I am not here only to pass my ACCA examination but to achieve something more, that is to be the next ACCA Prize Winner. This goal eventually became my aspiration, which drove me to continue trying my best and to keep pushing until I achieved it.”

Both of them concurred that TAR UC has helped them tremendously to come this far. On his experience studying at TAR UC, Loi Pin said: “TAR UC has a very conducive learning environment which offers a positive learning experience. The assessment system helps me to identify areas for improvement regularly and constantly motivates me to do better. Plus, the library which I frequently go to has ample research materials readily available so I can focus on my studies. Credits should also go to my lecturers and tutors at TAR UC for always helping us learn effectively by explaining concepts through the use of relevant examples and case studies.” Irene Lee Wan Chien, top scorer in Malaysia and fifth in the World for Paper P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance in the ACCA December 2017 examinations.

As for Irene, she had much to say about TAR UC. “The subjects and syllabus conducted at TAR UC are definitely comprehensive and it prepared me well for the ACCA examination. Furthermore, the lecturers and tutors here are dedicated and knowledgeable. They have very detailed methods of teaching which help me in my studies. In TAR UC, we are encouraged to practise in a group and this allows me to learn faster and more effectively,” she said.

When asked about his future plans, Loi Pin insisted that his focus is on what’s important now, that is his studies. “I will only think about my career after completing my studies. But this achievement will definitely open doors for me in the future. I also have a clearer picture of which career path I would want to take after this experience. Ideally, I would want to obtain the ACCA qualification, build a solid career in the accounting field and eventually become a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘MIA’).

Irene’s vision of her future is understandably similar to Loi Pin. “I want to become a Chartered Accountant and work as a manager in one of the Big 4 accounting firms, leading others to manage important portfolios. At the same time, I will continue to improve my skills and knowledge as the learning process does not just end here. I believe TAR UC has prepared me well for the working world as during the course of my studies, I have the chance not only to improve on my communication skills but also my ability to work in a team, how to deal with pressure and stress, how to stay organised and to think out of the box.”

The achievements of both students are the latest addition to the long list of ACCA high achievers that TAR UC has produced since it started to offer business programmes in 1971. The excellent track record has earned TAR UC the status as ACCA’s Platinum Approved Learning Partner, which is the highest level of accreditation from ACCA to universities and colleges globally under the ACCA’s Approved Learning Partner – Student Tuition programme. This recognition is awarded based on the outstanding performance of TAR UC students exceeding the worldwide pass rates, which effectively puts TAR UC in the top 5% of ACCA tuition providers around the world. The University College is also the only institution in the world approved by ACCA to run the Internally Assessed ACCA Fundamentals (Skills Module) programme for all the 9 Modules of ACCA Fundamentals.

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