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Scholarships to Study in China Via TAR UC

April 11, 2018 | Campus News
TAR UC students now have the opportunity to further their studies in China at Chengdu University.

With its immense economic clout, China has attracted many people from around the globe to explore and understand its culture and systems with the aim of gaining a firm footing in the world’s second largest economy. Following from this, China’s higher education becomes one of the areas that have garnered a bigger share of interest. The keen interest is also stemming from the impressive quality of higher education in China which is of world-class standards. In view of this, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) is also paving a pathway in collaboration with Chengdu University to enable students to pursue their studies in China. The icing on the cake is that Chengdu University is offering 100 scholarships to Malaysian students which TAR UC pre-university, Diploma and Degree graduates are eligible to apply to pursue tertiary education there.

The collaboration between TAR UC and College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts in Chengdu University focuses mainly on the areas of creative arts and mass communication. Through this collaboration, TAR UC A Level students can apply to study Bachelor degree programmes at Chengdu University for the whole duration which is 4 years. Meanwhile, TAR UC Diploma students from the Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities (‘FSAH’) are eligible to enter into the 3rd year of the 4-year Bachelor degree programmes at Chengdu University. As for TAR UC’s Bachelor’s degree students from FSAH, they can apply to study for Masters’ degree at Chengdu University which will take 2 years to complete. There is a wide range of disciplines of study offered at College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts in Chengdu University. Students can choose to specialise in Music Performance, Painting, Animation, Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Environment Design and Radio & Television Editing for their undergraduate studies. For postgraduate students, they can select concentrations in Music (Piano Performance), Animation Design, Environment Design, Visual Communication Design, Video Programme Production and Video Culture & New Media Arts.

The scholarships are open to TAR UC’s creative arts and mass communication Diploma and Bachelor’s degree students from FSAH as well as A Level students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the College of Chinese & ASEAN Arts in Chengdu University. However, STPM or UEC holders who are interested to study at Chengdu University can also apply via TAR UC for admission as well as scholarship. The scholarships are awarded to qualified students based on the merit of their academic results.

Upon successfully selected, the recipients will be awarded scholarship worth RMB30,000 per year for undergraduate students and RMB36,000 per year for postgraduate students. The scholarships will cover the tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance as well as monthly allowance of RMB1,000 per month for 10 months in a year.

More information such as details on the application process, application form and the supporting documents needed can be obtained from Completed application form and the relevant supporting documents can be sent through email to [email protected]. Alternatively, interested students may call Study Abroad Unit, Centre for Continuing & Professional Education in TAR UC at 03-41450123 and contact Ms Lin Kwee Chen (ext 3515) or Mr Tay Yi Ming (ext 3571).

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