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Caution On Unauthorised Solicitation of Donation at Public Places for TAR UC

January 22, 2019 | Campus News

It has come to Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (‘TAR UC’) knowledge that there are individuals who purportedly claim to collect money from the public in public places as donation for TAR UC. Seeing the gravity of the matter, we would like to alert the public that TAR UC IS NOT soliciting any donation in cash and kind in public places now. Therefore members of the public are urged not to donate to these individuals when approached in public places.

Such unauthorised solicitation of donation at public places came to light when we received information that there were unscrupulous individuals asking for donation for TAR UC in public places recently. We would like to inform the public that request for donation to TAR UC must always be supported by official documents issued by TAR UC and all donation should be channeled directly into TAR UC’s official bank account. Details of the types and methods of donation to TAR UC are available in TAR UC’s official website at

In view of this, the act of soliciting donation at public places obviously contravenes our standard operating procedures. TAR UC has already lodged a police report on this matter for further investigation. We would like to urge all members of the public to be cautious not to fall prey to these unauthorised and unscrupulous individuals who are using TAR UC’s name to solicit donation.

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