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Managing their budgets

February 24, 2019 | National News

AS the new semester opens in universities in the country, almost all students would be busy with preparations.

Students must cautiously manage all the money which they have; either in the form of scholarships, loans or others.

Spending smartly will ensure they have enough money to use throughout their studies and also will indirectly train them to be more disciplined in dealing with money. This discipline on managing their money from young is useful when they complete their studies. There have been reports over the number of young people having huge debts due to the mismanagement with their money. This issue concerning financial management cannot be treated lightly as it will jeopardise their future.

Everyone needs to learn to be smart when dealing with their money. The knowledge must be learnt at an early age. As such, students in school and university must be exposed to these matters so that they will be more responsible with their money.

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