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Heartfelt Appreciation from TAR UC

May 30, 2020 | Campus News

The Board of Trustees (‘BOT’) of the TARC Education Foundation would like to put on record its heartfelt appreciation to many kind Malaysians from all walks of life and organisations who stood in solidarity with TAR UC through monetary donation to the institution in fundraising drive since October last year when TAR UC faced massive funding cut under the Pakatan Harapan government.

The TAR UC success story has always been underlined by the continuous support of Malaysians from all strata of society, from caring private individuals to corporate entities and committed organisations.

Speaking on behalf of BOT, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, who is a member of BOT cum Chairman of the Board of Governors of TAR UC, is grateful to many individuals and organisations who contributed wholeheartedly to this University College. “The various races of the whole nation witnessed hawkers, meat sellers, traders, organisations and many others sincerely contributed their hard earned earnings to this institution as they saw TAR UC have been genuinely providing quality and affordable education for many Malaysians especially those from the lower income group who would have otherwise not been able to pursue their tertiary education. They are the unsung heroes and we are very thankful to them.

Dato’ Sri Liow said:

“On behalf of the entire TAR UC, I would like to place on record our deep appreciation for that wonderful gesture from the Malaysian public from all walks of 2 life and to Malaysian Chinese Association (‘MCA’) for mobilising its nationwide resources to assist the fund-raising exercise since October last year. We also give our reassurance that the funds will be put to good effective use, particularly to further subsidise deserving students whose respective families have been adversely affected by the current economic and financial circumstances.”

Over the past 50 years since TAR UC was set up in 1969, the institution has nurtured many leaders for nation-building and transformed the lives of many young people. Moving forward, TAR UC will continue its mission in providing quality and affordable education. To ensure the continuity of its noble mission and sustainability, we continue to welcome contribution and support from the public. Education is a long-term sustenance for our nation’s growth and development. For TAR UC to continue its mission and vision in developing human capital for the country, we need public support along the way. Rest assured that the support will go a long way towards providing quality and affordable education for the many future generations to come.

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