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myCOURSE Guide by StudyMalaysia helps students plan for university

September 11, 2020 | Editor's Desk
myCOURSE Guide

Are you unsure about what you should study at college or university? Are you trying to figure out which career would be most suited for you?

If you are planning to further your studies at tertiary level, you join thousands of other students in making a big and important decision—what and where to study? You may also be wondering what career you should pursue after you graduate.

We know that deciding what kind of career you want is not easy. But did you know that you can make a better career match for yourself by discovering which field of study you’re interested in? To help students like you, StudyMalaysia has produced a useful guidebook called ‘myCOURSE Guide’.

myCOURSE Guide

The myCOURSE Guide (2020/2021 edition) aims to help school leavers like you to find out which careers are a good match by exploring the 27 Fields of Study. The guidebook explains each of the 27 fields of study and lists possible occupations and courses you can pursue. The courses in each field are systematically arranged by education level, course name and course provider—this handy course directory makes the search for courses easier for you.

Here's one example of field of study :-

myCOURSE Guide

myCOURSE Guide also contains a directory of participating institutions which include private universities, university colleges and colleges; foreign university branch campuses; and international school. By listing the courses offered by level and faculty, and an estimate of the tuition fees, the directory gives you a quick look at what you can study. The guidebook also has a ‘where can you study’ section that lists the names and contact details of participating institutions.

myCOURSE Guide

myCOURSE Guide

If you need help determining which field is a good fit for you, the guidebook includes an assessment tool to help you discover your study interests. By answering a set of questions, you’ll be able to shortlist the field(s) you have an interest in.

Besides helping students to find their career choice, this booklet also raises their awareness in many ways, for example:

  1. There are many career choices in world, possibly more than they ever imagined
  2. Occupations can be grouped into 27 fields of study. The booklet helps them to have a better understanding of these fields and their sub-fields.
  3. Choosing a career that is suited to their interests will give them a better likelihood of finding satisfaction in their job.

Students can also make use of, a reliable and popular site for anything and everything about study opportunities in Malaysia. Established in 1998, complements myCourse Guide and is a top education information site that attracted 1.56 million unique visitors in 2019 alone.

myCOURSE Guide

“Often, students don’t know where to begin when choosing a career. Some may be influenced by their friends or family but in the end, that may not be the best option for them. While there are many ways to go about choosing a course of study, it is generally best to figure out what you would like to do (your occupation) and then choose a programme that leads to it. But if you haven’t figured out your career aspirations, the next best thing is to find out which field of study you’re most interested in,” says Tan Mui Hong, Managing Director of StudyMalaysia.

“This booklet helps students to explore and get an understanding of the 27 fields of study. By finding out which field of study they are interested in, students will be able to determine a good career match for themselves. The key is finding a career that is a good fit for their interests.”

To find out how you can get a copy of myCOURSE Guide (2020/2021 edition), call Ms Nora/Reena (014 669 3837) or StudyMalaysia’s office at 03-7880 3837.

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myCOURSE Guide

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