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Senior Fashion Designer of Emporio Armani Italy On Board to Mentor Students

August 27, 2021 | Campus News
Senior Fashion Designer of Emporio Armani Italy On Board to Mentor Students

ESMOD Kuala Lumpur/The One Academy engages Emporio Armani Italy’s Senior Fashion Designer, Rima Kazumyan, to coach its students in their final year project for impactful enhanced academic success.

For over three decades of holding steadfast to its “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur/The One Academy has received international recognition of excellence and together with an exceptional team of educators, provide unmatched world-class creative education to boost the nation’s creative economy. In a bid to build networks and bridge a connection between real-industry players and its students, the academy regularly invites professional experts to impart their knowledge and expertise.

In its latest initiative, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur/The One Academy welcomes Rima Kazumyan on board its teaching team as an international industry mentor to personally guide the Fashion Design students on the development of their Final Year Collection. A brief background on Rima Kazumyan; she is a Senior Fashion Designer in the style office of Emporio Armani in Milan, Italy. With an extensive working experience of 13 years with the world-famous brand, the Armenian designer is the force behind its ready-to-wear menswear collection. She has also participated in many competitions and garnered many awards.

Senior Fashion Designer of Emporio Armani Italy On Board to Mentor Students

Apart from sharing her ideas and insights in the fashion design area, she will also be coaching the students by giving her views and critiques while guiding them throughout their final year project and nurturing them to be on par with the international industry’s level. This collaboration with a prominent figure in the fashion design world will not only elevate the students’ grasp of fashion design knowledge and skills, but also ensures that they are trained to be market-ready, benefitting young designers as well as the fashion design industry as a whole.

This fated connection between The One Academy and Rima Kazumyan began when the academy had invited the prominent fashion designer to conduct a sharing session in the Virtual International Design & Creative Masterclass 2021 that took place in April this year. The virtual masterclass is an initiative that aims to boost and nurture creativity among the young generation, inspiring them to bring forth their talents in this thriving creative era.

A session curated for those who interested in learning the process of clothesmaking, what a fashion designer’s life is like, fashion trends and how collections are made, Rima shared her experience as a designer to show how young fashion designers and those aspiring to be one, can find their path in the fashion design world. She explained on the process of how designers create clothes, source for ideas and inspirations, create mood boards and pick colours and fabrics.

“A very important part of your education is to study design by yourself. The value of a designer lies in his or her originality and individuality,” she said, recommending those interested in fashion to learn a bit about sewing, pattern making and embroidery as well. She also recommends fashion designers to try designing for different market sectors such as womenswear, menswear, sportswear, childrenswear and accessories until they find what resonates with them.

Senior Fashion Designer of Emporio Armani Italy On Board to Mentor Students

“Art, photography, history, music, architecture, drawing, sewing – it’s important to have exposure to many different arts as these experiences will help a lot in your designing process,” told Rima, who urged learners to explore and engage in their interests as much as they possibly can.

She spoke of the importance of keeping one’s eyes and mind open to inspiration, no matter where they are found. She suggested to take pictures wherever they go and use those to inject a piece of their personal life into their designs. She also emphasised on the importance of creating mood boards to focus visual ideas and organise one’s thoughts. Multiple boards can be created, for fabrics, textures, colours, style references, accessories and so on.

“Be unique. Find your path in fashion design by following your creative voice. This is vital for every designer to make their mark in the fashion world,” she advised. She recommended fashion students to look for established designers whose style resonates with them to study and learn from.

The One Academy is committed to providing the best art education programmes and continues to nurture its students passionately through its “Masters Train Masters” coaching philosophy, which has been practised for the past three decades, by providing diploma and degree courses namely Advertising & Graphic Design, Digital Animation, Digital Media Design, Film Visual Effects, Interior Architecture & Design, Illustration, Fine Arts and Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making. For more information on The One Academy, visit or call +603-7875 5510 or e-mail your enquiries to [email protected].

意大利Emporio Armani资深时装设计师为学生提供指导

吉隆坡ESMOD时装设计学院/The One Academy邀请了来自意大利Emporio Armani奢华品牌的资深时装设计师Rima Kazumyan亲临指导准毕业学生的毕业作品,将强而有力的提高学术成就。

三十多年来,吉隆坡ESMOD/The One Academy 秉持其“专才培育专才”的教学理念,获得了卓越的国际认可,并拥有杰出的教育团队,提供无与伦比的世界级创意教育,以促进国家创意经济的发展。为了建起实际业界人士与学生之间的桥梁,学院定期邀请专业人才来传授他们的专业知识和经验。

最近,吉隆坡ESMOD/The One Academy邀请Rima Kazumyan加入其教学团队,作为国际业界导师,亲自指导时装设计系学生创作他们的毕业系列服饰。Rima Kazumyan是意大利米兰Emporio Armani时尚工作室的资深时装设计师。来自亚美尼亚的她,在设计世界著名品牌已拥有13年的丰富工作经验,是其成衣男装系列的幕后推手。她还参加了许多比赛并获得了许多奖项。


The One Academy 与 Rima Kazumyan 之间的缘分始于该学院邀请这位著名时装设计师在今年 4 月举行的 2021 年国际线上创意与设计大师班上授课。线上大师班旨在促进和培养年轻一代的创造力,激励他们在这个蓬勃发展的创意时代发挥自己的才能。


人更清楚,如何可以在时装设计界找到自己的道路。她解释了设计师如何制作衣服、获取想法和灵感、创建情绪板(mood board)、挑选颜色和布料的过程。

“在你寻求教育的过程,其中一个非常重要的部分是自学设计。设计师的价值在于他的原创性、独创性,”她说,并建议那些对时尚感兴趣的人也学习一些缝纫、剪裁制模法(pattern making)和刺绣方面的知识。她还建议时装设计师尝试针对不同的市场领域进行设计,例如女装、男装、运动装、童装和配饰,直到找到与他们产生共鸣的事物。

“艺术、摄影、历史、音乐、建筑、绘画、缝纫,这许多不同的艺术类型都很重要,因为这些经验将对你的设计过程有很大帮​​助,”Rima 说,他敦促学习者探索并尽可能的投入他们所兴趣的事。



The One Academy在过去长达30年来,持续秉持其“专才培育专才”的教学理念,致力于为学生们提供最好的美术课程,其中的文凭与学士学位课程包括广告与平面设计、室内建筑与设计、数码动画与游戏设计、数码媒体设计、广告插画与电影美术、电影视觉特效、纯美术、ESMOD巴黎时装设计等。欲了解更多详情,请游览、拨电03-7875 5510、或电邮至[email protected]以获取更多信息。

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