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TAR UC Student Chalks Up Another Noteworthy Result

September 28, 2021 | Campus News
TAR UC Student Chalks Up Another Noteworthy Result

Following the footsteps of his prize-winning seniors, Tunku Abdul Rahman University College's (TAR UC) Hew Ting Yi becomes our nation’s pride for chalking up another great accomplishment after being ranked 2nd in Malaysia (9th in the World) for the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) paper in the ACCA June 2021 examination.

This is another feather in Ting Yi's cap, as the Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) student was named Top in Malaysia (3rd in the World) for Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) paper in the September 2020 examination.

Nevertheless, he was still delighted with his achievement, adding: "I would be still happy with my results if I passed, but managing to be ranked 2nd in Malaysia was just the icing on the cake as it validates all the effort I have put in to ace this paper."

With challenges presented by the pandemic, Ting Yi noted that he was under additional pressure since he had to sit for the paper at home instead of a proper exam centre, which disrupted his focus more compared to last year.

"Although it was a struggle, I am grateful that I have supportive family members who supported me and ensured that I was able to sit for the paper at home with as little disruption as possible so that I was able to readjust my focus for the paper.

"I also have to thank my lecturers at TAR UC for taking the extra mile by helping me prepare for the exam. Their efforts in giving me as much guidance as possible even when we don't have physical classes helped in my preparation before the exam," he added.

Ting Yi, who is expected to graduate by end of this year, hopes his fellow TARCians can use the challenges presented today as opportunities to unlock their own hidden potentials.

"For me, the lack of physical classes forces me to redefine how I study. Since we can't have physical group study sessions and unable to attend classes, I have learned to be more independent in my revision sessions and be able to think critically so I can learn as effectively as possible with the resources available to me," said Ting Yi.

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