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Emerging Malaysian Artist Wins Competition with Childhood Creation

December 7, 2021 | Campus News
Emerging Malaysian Artist Wins Competition with Childhood Creation

With a mission to uncover and nurture artistic talent across the region, the UOB Painting of the Year competition is one of Southeast Asia’s most prestigious art awards where artists are invited to create artworks that showcase their creativity and mastery. Inaugurated in 1982, this annual competition marks its 40th anniversary with the theme “Of Imagination and Ingenuity”. Launched here in 2011, the 2021 UOB Painting of the Year (Malaysia) unveiled its competition winners recently.

Sack Tin Lim is one of this year’s deserving winners, bagging the Silver Award in the Emerging Artist Category. The 31-year-old who hails from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is a Senior Art Lecturer of The One Academy’s Fine Arts faculty. Expressing surprise on his win, he said that being shortlisted in the first round was already an accomplishment as the competition was really tough.

Sack’s winning submission is titled ‘Self Portrait - All Grown Up’, an acrylic on paper artwork consisting of 167 self-designed miniature paper doll outfit cut-outs, featuring a wide range of styles from tuxedos, gowns, floral dresses, jumpsuits, fur coats, leopard prints, gym wear and more, arranged according to the colours of the spectrum.

Emerging Malaysian Artist Wins Competition with Childhood Creation

Paper doll dress up is a childhood hobby close to the artist’s heart, a memory that brims with nostalgia. When he was younger, Sack designed and made his own paper dolls for the sheer joy of creation and imaginative role play. This collection of self-made designs from the year 2000 is safely tucked away in a cherished rusty tin box to this day.

“Art should be playful. This is my intention with the creation of ‘Self Portrait - All Grown Up’, it defines who I am. It revisits the fun I had crafting paper doll outfits as a child, through the lens of my current self,” explained Sack, who hopes that the viewers can experience the same nostalgic delight and spirit of playfulness through this collection.

The entire artwork creation was completed in May during the lockdown, where he mentioned that one of the challenges he faced was difficulties in getting materials because art shops were not open for business then. He shared that he is inspired by what he observes and what he loves, most often about subjects or issues that concerns him and touches his heart.

“Whenever I create, I feel contented when I enter into a state of flow. If I were to choose only one medium to work with, I would go for oil paint. Any medium works, what’s most important is if the visual aesthetics and content is delivered. For me, a style is delivered when the content is fully expressed. Hence, everyone has their own distinctive styles,” expressed Sack.

“Art can be in any form, as long as it is sincere and expressed to the fullest. Be brave, make mistakes and enjoy the working process,” he imparts as an art educator. He commented that the art scene in Malaysia is vibrant with a diverse community of people and rich cultures, and believes that it will start growing rapidly despite the pandemic.

The One Academy is committed to providing the best art education programmes and continues to nurture its students passionately through its “Masters Train Masters” coaching philosophy, which has been practised for the past three decades, by providing diploma and degree courses namely Advertising & Graphic Design, Digital Animation, Digital Media Design, Film Visual Effects, Interior Architecture & Design, Illustration, Fine Arts and Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making. For more information on The One Academy, visit or call +603-7875 5510 or e-mail your enquiries to [email protected].


大华银行年度美术大赛是东南亚最负盛名的艺术奖项之一,广邀艺术家们通过创作作品展示其创造力和精湛技艺,旨在发掘和培养区域内的艺术人才。始于1982 年,这项年度赛事已迈入了第40个年头,今年的比赛主题为“想象力与创造力”。马来西亚区域从2011年开始举行该比赛,最近刚公布了今年的获奖名单。

今年,石定霖在新兴艺术家类别中获得银奖。这位来自沙巴亚庇的31岁青年是The One Academy纯美术系的资深讲师。他对自己获奖感到意外,并表示能够在第一轮入围对他而言已经是一项成就,因为比赛真的很激烈。

他的获奖作品《自画像 - 长大成人》是一幅压克力纸本艺术品,上面遍布了167件自行设计剪裁的迷你纸娃娃服装,有燕尾服、礼服、花裙、连身衣、皮草大衣、豹纹、运动服等各种款式,并按光谱的颜色排列。


“艺术本应是好玩的,这是我创作《自画像 - 长大成人》的本意。这部作品定义了我是谁,让我通过现在的视角去重新审视小时候制作纸娃娃服装的乐趣。”他希望观众也可以通过这个作品体验到同样的怀旧乐趣和玩乐精神。




The One Academy在过去长达30年来,持续秉持其“专才培育专才”的教学理念,致力于为学生们提供最好的美术课程,其中的文凭与学士学位课程包括广告与平面设计、室内建筑与设计、数码动画与游戏设计、数码媒体设计、广告插画与电影美术、电影视觉特效、纯美术、ESMOD巴黎时装设计等。欲了解更多详情,请游览、拨电03-7875 5510、或电邮至[email protected]以获取更多信息。

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