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eCareer guidebook: The Path to Attaining 11 Professional Qualifications

May 10, 2022 | Editor's Desk

FORGE AHEAD into the World of Professionalism with essential information from STUDYMALAYSIA’s eCareerGuide on 11 most sought-after professions in Malaysia.

STUDYMALAYSIA proudly launches the first-of-its-kind eCareer guidebook, namely The Path to Attaining 11 Professional Qualifications (Series 1.1, 2022) for the benefit of students' parents,  school counsellors and the students themselves to help them work towards professional status in their careers. 

Established since 1998, STUDYMALAYSIA has been a trusted education portal in Malaysia offering efficient services and up-to-date information for students seeking further studies.

This FREE inaugural interactive PDF eCareerGuide is designed to help students, student’s parents and school counsellors understand the procedures, education qualification requirements and the path to attaining 11 professional qualifications. It details the processes and procedures on how to get professional registration with the authority in order to get registered and practise as a licensed professional in Malaysia.

The professional occupations featured here include Accountants, Architect, Engineer, Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist and more. 

Each profession comes with description and explanation of 

  • Tasks expected of a person in the profession
  • Skills or competencies required to be successful in the profession
  • Work-style expected of you on your jobs 
  • Holland Interest Code to help you achieve career satisfaction 
  • Education qualification needed for entry into the profession
  • Professional registration showing the path to attaining professional status and to be licensed to practise

We, here at STUDYMALAYSIA, are convinced that our eCareerGuide, with its well-researched content and lucid descriptions, would be a very handy reference for all who are pursuing a professional dream. We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to the sponsors which have helped in no small way to the production of this inaugural eCareerGuide.


  1. Curtin University Malaysia
  2. International Medical University (IMU)
  3. Management and Science University (MSU)
  4. Methodist College Kuala Lumpur (MCKL)
  5. Multimedia University (MMU)
  6. RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus
  7. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, School of Professional and Further Education

We welcome you to download a copy of this eGuide at for reference. We hope you can help to share this PDF eCareerGuide with  your colleagues, classmates, friends and all those who can benefit from it.

For more information, please WhatsApp Mr Tan Mui Hong of STUDYMALAYSIA
at, or call 011-16593837, or email to [email protected].

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