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[UTAR] Producing Corporate Communication Experts

November 3, 2022 | Campus News

Corporate communication is essential to all areas of global and local communication. It is one of the fastest growing areas of communication focusing on strategies and methods to solve communication problems in many ways. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)’s Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Honours) is one of the most significant programmes under the Faculty of Creative Industries. In this programme, students will learn crucial communication theories and processes in an organizational context. 

Throughout the three-year programme, students are taught key research, communication and media-handling skills to prepare them for real-world projects and challenges. The degree programme also teaches students how to analyse corporate communication and public relations issues from a range of academic and practical perspectives, whilst training them to be able to communicate effectively in the business world. 

Other than that, students pursuing Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Honours) are also exposed to communication management and creative problem-solving strategies to address various types of corporate communication issues. The programme offers students the opportunity to learn how to use information and communication technologies in corporate communication, and utilise them in solving corporate communication problems. 

Speaking about the distinctive strengths of this programme, FCI Head of Department of Mass Communication, Mr Kenneth Lee Tze Wui said, “UTAR’s Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Honours) introduces students to the concepts and principles of human behaviour, marketing, public relations, the media, management, and information technology. Throughout the entire programme, students will be taught to apply the concepts to the communication objectives of business, industry, government groups and non-profit making organisations.” He added, “By undertaking this degree, students will develop high-level competencies in research, writing, oral presentation techniques and computer-based authoring, while learning how to compete confidently and effectively with other candidates for any available career opportunities. The lifelong learning skills provided by this degree enable students to critically, objectively and analytically address complex issues. This way, they will be able to work independently and effectively manage their time.”

Mr Kenneth further explained, “By completing this degree programme, students will be able to demonstrate an ability to apply their knowledge of corporate communication theories and concepts in planning corporate communication strategies, thereby supporting the vision, mission, and objectives of an organisation. Not only that, they will also learn to write press releases, campaign proposals and other corporate collaterals which can help boost an organisation’s image and reputation. Apart from those, the programme encourages students to utilise and enhance their social skills to function effectively as a team player or take on the leadership role when working on projects. Finally, this programme also features an entrepreneurship course which does not only help students enhance their entrepreneurship skills, but also enables them to explore their personal characteristics in order to improve collaboration efficacy.”

UTAR’s Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Honours)is fully accredited by The Malaysian Qualifications Agency, with full-time students needing three years to complete this programme. As the programme requires students to undergo a three-month internship, students will have the opportunity to gather practical experience in their area of choice, preparing them for the working world. With that, students who graduate from this degree programme are spoiled for choice with various career opportunities available, especially since the corporate communication field is rapidly growing and its importance as a communication-related discipline is steadily increasing. These career options include Corporate Communication Executive, Event Management Executive, Media Liaison Officer, Community Affairs Executive, and Public Affairs Executive.

UTAR offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in areas including Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Arts, Chinese Studies, Malaysia Studies, Business and Economics, Biotechnology, Engineering and Build Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Life and Physical Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Media and Journalism, Education and General Studies, and Agriculture and Food Science. The university also engages in the provision and conduct of research, consultation, management and leadership training, and other related educational services at its Sungai Long and Kampar campuses in Malaysia.

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