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BERJAYA UC Offers Students the Best Choice in Communication Studies

November 24, 2022 | Campus News

A wonderful world of job and career opportunities awaits Bachelor of Communication (Honours) graduates from BUC.

BERJAYA University College’s Bachelor of Communication (Honours) is hitting all the right notes in preparing students for their careers.

Armed with cutting-edge information and knowledge, critical thinking skills, leadership abilities, and industry experience, Bachelor of Communication students are versatile and well-prepared for highly sought-after jobs/careers in the communication and media-related industries.

Students undergoing the programme have interned at many reputable brands including ShopeeFood, Nestle, Dentsu, SVO, Bike Bear, CollectCo, Mad Hat Asia, Sheraton Hotel and more.

Jonathan Tan shares his experience at ShopeeFood, “I learned to create engaging content for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I also had the opportunity to shoot videos of the food-making process to make the food look tasty on camera while learning to create content that resonates well with Malaysian social media users.


While Low Wan Xian, who interned at Dentsu shares, “The Bachelor of Communication (HONS) programme has prepared me well to write job briefs and effective communications with the client. The lessons from my ad designing and copywriting classes greatly eased my communication with the art director and designer. I am grateful for the creative and critical thinking skills that the programme emphasizes because the team and Dentsu have valued her ideas and suggestions.

Samantha Skelchy who completed her internship at Bike Bear says, “The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme has shaped me into the copywriter that I am today.”

Another student Aiman Khairi says “The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) prepared me well for my internship at CollectCo, where I helped to manage, curate and create content for their Tik Tok account.”

The Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme, at BERJAYA UC, was created by an academician with 30 years of learning and teaching communication in the US and a practitioner with 20 plus years of industry experience in Malaysia with the belief to equip students with skills needed in the communication industry and empowering students with creative and critical thinking skills.

Aiman a student of the programme says, “I was guided by experienced lecturers with varying world views that are sure to challenge your perception.”

While, Joyce Yong believes the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme offers a well-rounded programme that gives insightful information about Malaysia’s media industry, while the lecturers are friendly and helpful, “helping students to learn not just from textbooks.”

Nuraina Fadzilah, who joined the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme after her Diploma in Culinary Arts and says her knowledge from the programme “could be applied to every other industry, especially the creative practical courses.”

Jonathan Tan says he learns from the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme, that communication is a vital skill for “students to be the next generation leaders with wits to bring Malaysia back into the limelight of the world for the right reasons.”

A wonderful world of job or career opportunities awaits the graduates from BERJAYA University College. Graduates from the Bachelor of Communication (Honours) programme have been offered entry-level jobs in public relations, copywriting, social media, telemarketing, marketing communication and more.

The programme offers courses like public speaking, graphic communication and intercultural communication to enable graduates to work outside of the communication industry in jobs that still require communication competence.

The programme provides communication skills courses for graduates to make the most of communication by implementing effective and productive communication flow and relationships in organisations like corporations.

Join BERJAYA University College today to start your exciting career in the communication industry. 

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