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[UTAR] Producing successful economists and financial experts

January 9, 2023 | Campus News

Global economic developments have a significant impact on the activity and financial markets of multinational corporations. Globalisation fosters expanding businesses, trade, investment, and economic activities and opportunities among countries or economies. These international economic opportunities between countries are intertwined and can positively or negatively impact other countries. 

UTAR’s Bachelor of Economics (Honours) Global Economics is recognised by the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries (MACS). The three-year global economics degree programme examines the workings of economics in a global environmental context. This wholesome programme will provide students with the analytical skills and strategic knowledge needed to discuss global economic issues, international trade trends, and global investment opportunities. Students who acquire these knowledge and skills are highly valued by organisations, particularly multinational corporations involved in global trade and investment.

Faculty of Accountancy and Management Dean Dr Sia Bee Chuan said, “Economic development is a critical component that drives economic growth in an economy, creating job opportunities and improving the quality of life. One of the distinct features is the programmes' rigorous curriculum which is well received by the industry as evidenced by the high graduates' employability and constant feedback and engagement with the industry. Apart from seeking knowledge from lecture classes, students who enrol in the programme also get to participate in various activities such as talks, conferences, colloquiums, student exchange programmes, and community projects to enhance their soft skills and gain experiences that are relevant to the workforce.”

Throughout the three-year programme, global economics students are taught subjects such as Global Business Strategy, Global Environmental Economics, International Trade Theory and Policy, Monetary Economics, Strategic Financial Management, Econometrics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and other courses that provide students with a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied economics, enabling them to apply their knowledge to assess a range of economic and social phenomena and make educated decisions about their own lives, businesses, and government policies.

By the end of the programme, students will gain a solid foundation and understanding of the extent, causes, and implications of a more fully integrated world economy which prepares them to assume leadership roles in businesses, non-governmental organisations, or places where policies are made. The programme is designed to prepare students for a range of successful careers, such as economist, economic researcher, financial planner, finance consultant, corporate finance analyst, research and analyst in security, economic advisor, and fund manager, as well as positions in global economics, foreign trade, international NGOs and policy environments.

UTAR is a university offering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in various areas such as Accountancy, Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, Arts, Chinese Studies, Malaysia Studies, Business and Economics, Biotechnology, Engineering and Build Environment, Information and Communication Technology, Life and Physical Sciences, Medicine and Health Sciences, Media and Journalism, Education and General Studies, Agriculture and Food Science, and engages in research, consultation, management and leadership training and other related educational services at its campuses in Bandar Sungai Long and Kampar, Malaysia. For more information about Global Economies, go to


UTAR Global Economics Society visiting Talent Corporation (TalentCorp) Malaysia Berhad.


Students during the TalentCorp office tour.

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