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Dr. Lau Haw Ming

Dr. Lau Haw Ming

Medic Ed Consultant Sdn. Bhd.

Dr. Lau Haw Ming, is the founder of Medic Ed Consultant Sdn. Bhd., as well as a medical doctor who had served the government for four years before he ventured into this business. He started this business since the year 2002 and to date; Medic Ed Consultant Sdn. Bhd. will be celebrating its 10th year anniversary in the year 2012.

Over the years, Dr. Lau has diversified Medic Ed into different businesses, such as college and clinics. Today, Medic Ed Consultant Sdn. Bhd. owns TMC College, seven medical clinics, five aesthetic clinics, one dental clinic and several property companies.

His goal is to fulfill students’ dreams to be doctors, especially for those that are from the average income family. This is because the overseas universities that Medic Ed sends students to cost only half of what it costs to study locally. Medic Ed has helped 2000 students to fulfill their dreams to be doctors by arranging and sending them overseas to pursue their medical degree. Besides that, Dr. Lau also thinks that sending students overseas for their medical degree allows them to experience a different culture, language and lifestyle where they can take this experience as a learning opportunity.

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