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Henz Gooi Hean Chye

Dasein Academy of Art

It is often said that, the proper way of doing things is to do something you are sure of, that you can foresee both the outcome and consequences. Art and design are, however, the total opposite.

The ‘unknown’ factor allows us to create art pieces that are not bound nor shackled by the norm, for there are no predecessor to set any rules that will govern you nor withhold you from attempting something new a hundred times, a thousand times even. In this discovery process, there are bound to be errors and mistakes, but they are the hard proof of your efforts in attempting something new. The mistakes made are invaluable, for the lessons learnt might turn out to be your ultimate lifesaver.

An art career cannot happen overnight, but that does not mean doing art gets you no job opportunities. Companies and firms need good, creative ideas all the time – a plain presentation can be made more impactful with the right design. It is a big and competitive market out there. You can pursue a great career as a professional artist if you have talent, skills and dedication.