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5 Best Scholarship Opportunities In Malaysia

by on February 17, 2020 | Top Stories

5 Best Scholarship Opportunities In Malaysia -

Nowadays, Malaysia is one of the leaders in international education by the number of international students studying in this country. Clearly, getting a scholarship in Malaysia requires high academic achievements. Local universities respect talented and active students. The graduates of Malaysian universities have excellent prospects in the future. We prepared a list of the best scholarship opportunities to try.

Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

  1. Local universities have proved themselves to be institutions of higher education offering strong quality programs at all levels. The international ranking of the world's best universities, which includes 1400 universities in 92 countries, comprises 13 Malaysian universities.
  2. Students can get an international academic degree in Malaysia, which is recognized in other countries around the world.
  3. Malaysia has branches of many famous universities in the UK, Australia, and the USA, but studying in this country is much cheaper than in the main branches.
  4. In addition to the affordable tuition fees, Malaysia also offers students more affordable accommodation.
  5. International students can work up to 20 hours a week in parallel with their studies. This is an advantage as many countries do not allow international students to combine education and work. Apart from the fact that it is an opportunity to earn some extra money, it is also a great chance for international students to gain work experience.
  6. Malaysia is a safe country with an interesting culture and history. In addition, Malaysia is among the top-20 safest countries in the world.

Monash University

Monash University in Malaysia is an opportunity to obtain a prestigious Australian degree on the Malaysian campus of Sunway City. Upon graduation, students join the Monash alumni community, which is respected throughout the world.

Monash University is among the top-60 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2020) and ranked 35th in the world's "most international universities" ranking by Times in 2019.

Monash University offers scholarships for first-year students with excellent academic results. The scholarship is awarded in the first year of study and is maintained if the student's performance is 80% or higher.

The university also offers other types of scholarships such as High Achiever Awards and Bachelor and Master Awards. Scholarships for top students in Master's degree programs are allocated to all research programs in the priority research areas of Monash University in Malaysia. Each scholarship is a 100% tuition and a "living allowance".

The Malaysian International Scholarship

The Malaysian International Scholarship Program is designed to attract the world's best minds to study in Malaysia. The purpose of the scholarship is to engage, motivate, and retain talented international students in Malaysia.

Talented students, citizens of any country in the world who have excellent academic performance and unique experience in extracurricular activities, can apply for the scholarship and continue their studies at a public or private university in Malaysia.

Scholarships can be in two categories of study: Master's degree and postgraduate.

The scholarship consists of:

  • airfare from the student's home country to Malaysia and back;
  • tuition fees;
  • payment for accommodation;
  • a grant for educational materials and travel within the state;
  • medical insurance fees;
  • payment of expenses necessary for writing an academic paper;
  • payment of visa costs.

Sunway University

Sunway University offers Masters and Postgraduate students a scholarship to pay for their studies. Scholarships are available to students who are applying to one of Sunway University's Masters or Postgraduate research programs. This way, students will receive a financial grant for a degree, and the university will be able to promote research programs.

Scholarships are available for both full-time and part-time students. Full-time postgraduate students who graduate with honors (1st Class Honours degree and Distinction in Masters's degree) will receive full tuition, and a monthly stipend of 3000RM (approximately $700), students who graduate with no honors can also receive a scholarship that will cover tuition either fully or partly. The scholarship is paid for three years. Remote students can also receive a scholarship that will cover tuition fees by either 50% or 30% and will be paid for four years.

Companies' Support

Large companies are willing to pay for the education of, particularly talented students. Malaysia is no exception. If your research coincides with the interests of prosperous companies, try to interest them. If things get better, they will sign a contract with you that says you will work for the company that paid for your course within a few years after you graduate. A breach of the contract could result in a penalty. However, such an agreement is an excellent chance not only to get a diploma but also establish useful connections and get hands-on experience.

Local universities as well, as other companies will not give you a pat on your back to buy college essay or cheat on exams, but you can find grammar and plagiarism checkers online so nothing would be a challenge for your daily routine.

Banks' support

Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia, offers sponsorship and scholarship programs. The main difference is that you will have to work off your scholarship, and the sponsorship money is non-refundable. In addition, scholarships are allocated only for specific fields.

They include accounting, finance, management, marketing, IT, economics, banking, mathematics, human resource management, psychology, business, law, statistics, investments, risk management, engineering. In return, sponsorship can be obtained for any research.

The main thing is to prove the necessity and importance of this support. However, the disadvantage is that these banks' programs are not compatible with any other programs from foundations or higher education institutions.

Publisher’s disclaimer: The views and content expressed are solely from the author, John McGill

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