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by on July 21, 2016 | Top Stories

Are you all ears? These tips will help you do better in your PT3 listening test.


1The duration of the listening test is 30 mins each for both Bahasa Melayu (03) and Bahasa Inggeris (13).
2Both tests are conducted individually.
3The listening test for Bahasa Melayu (03) is made up of Bahagian A (10 soalan) and Bahagian B (5 soalan). Answer ALL questions.
4In Bahagian A, you will listen to two extracts. In Bahagian B, there are several short listening tasks.
5For Bahasa Inggeris (13), the test is made up of Section A (10 multiple-choice questions) and Section B (10 limited-response questions). You need to answer ALL questions.
6In Section A, you will listen to five recorded texts; and two recorded texts in Section B.
7At the beginning of the recording, you will be given instructions to the listening test. Listen to the instructions carefully.
8From now until the speaking test, spend 10-15mins each day practising with a school friend, your sibling or even your parents. The more practice you get, the better you’ll be in controlling your nerves on the real day.
9And finally, be polite. Greet your examiner at the start of the test and thank him/her when you’re done. It doesn’t hurt to have good manners.
10You can improve your listening skills by listening to radio programmes, the news, or podcasts and practise taking notes as you listen.

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