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MCO guidelines for Higher Education Institutions: 1 June to 14 June 2021

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MCO guidelines for Higher Education Institutions: 1 June to 14 June 2021 -

Are you a university student or do you work at a higher education institution (HEI)? Here’s a quick recap of the MCO guidelines released by the Ministry of Higher Education on 31 May 2021.

Students’ presence on campus

Teaching and learning

Academic and non-academic staff attendance

  1. Students currently on campus: remain on campus.
  2. Students who have not yet returned to campus: postpone your travels (until further notice), remain at your current location and continue online learning.
  3. On campus students must remain on campus: students can only leave the campus with the consent of their HEI and must comply with current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  1. Face-to-face classes: NOT allowed.
  2. Research activities involving laboratory facilities and special equipment: ALLOWED individually only if necessary; and with the permission of the head of department in compliance with SOPs.
  3. HEIs are responsible for ensuring that all students comply with the SOPs.
  4. Off-campus students involved in research activities that require laboratory facilities and special equipment: a letter of permission to enter and leave the campus must be provided by the respective HEIs.
  1. 100% work from home except work processes that cannot be performed remotely.
  2. Not more than 20% of academic and non -academic staff allowed on campus; staff rotation is for a maximum of 4 hours only.
  3. Academic and non -academic staff are not allowed at the office except to carry out essential services; must have employee’s pass and official documents from the respective HEI.
  4. All meetings must be conducted online through a secure channel. All face-to-face meetings and activities are NOT allowed.

Student activities

On-campus student facilities

International and professional examinations

  1. All face-to-face or group student activities including clubs, associations and co-curricular activities: NOT allowed.
  2. All social, religious, economic, sports and recreational group activities: NOT allowed.
  3. Sports and recreational activities allowed but must comply with current SOP: must be done individually in open areas, without physical contact, with social distancing of at least 2 to 3 meters apart.
  4. All student programmes or activities must be carried out online or on a digital platform.
  1. Essential services such as banks, pharmacies, grocery stores, laundromats and cafeterias: allowed as per SOPs.
  2. Cafeteria: only packed food allowed.
  3. On-campus shared facilities must be monitored for to enforce SOPs.
  1. Students are allowed to sit for international or professional examinations subject to strict SOP compliance.
  2. The scheduling of these examinations are managed entirely by the professional and international organisations concerned. HEIs will manage only the facilities.

International student enrolment

  1. The entry of international students is subject to the existing SOPs set by the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Do you have questions?

Call MOHE’s COVID-19 Hotline (24 hours): 03-8870 6777/6949/6623/6628 Or contact your higher education institution directly.

Source: Kenyataan Media IPT Semasa Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan 1 Jun - 14 Jun 2021 dated 31-5-2021

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