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2022 Scholarships from Private Higher Educational Institutions for Your Higher Education

by on April 4, 2022 | Top Stories

2022 Scholarships from Private Higher Educational Institutions for Your Higher Education -

A lot of IPTS (Private Higher Education Institutes) have stepped in to help by giving out all kinds of financial assistance to those in need while things are settling down into our new normal. The bottom line is no student should be left behind or deprived of higher education due to lack of household income.

Financial aids by IPTS usually come in the form of tuition fee waivers, discounts or loans.

These aids to students are mainly based on merit (for example, based on outstanding achievement in academics, sports, or leadership roles). The percentage of tuition fee waiver varies from 10% to a full waiver and is often subject to renewal on a semester basis. In other words, the recipient is often required to maintain a minimum CGPA to continue enjoying the tuition fee waiver.

These tuition fee waivers can be offered before you begin an undergraduate programme (based on your previous achievements) or during the programme (based on your current achievements at that institution).

There are requirements to meet and most of the time do not need to meet, before you are awarded a scholarship/discounts in tuition fees/tuition fee waivers.

Financial aids given may come with

  • academic requirements – Good CGPA and exam scores such as SPM/STPM/A-levels results are the main requirement.
  • financial requirements - applicants need to prove financial need.
  • extracurricular requirements - these require proof of students’ participation in specific organisations, athletic teams, school clubs etc.
  • no requirements – rarely do not take into account good academic performance, financial need or extracurricular involvement.

The requirements for a scholarship after it is awarded usually involve maintaining a certain CGPA throughout your course, continuing to show proof of financial need or staying active in an extracurricular sport or organisation. Some scholarships are awarded for the whole duration of the course while some may be only for a year. It is your responsibility to study the requirements closely to ensure you can maintain good standing in order to keep the scholarship. Some scholarships may require students to attend an interview. Also, need to find out what are the penalty if you do not complete the course.

The following are some private institutes of higher education (PHEI) in Malaysia with their range of scholarships and financial aids.

1. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation - APU Scholarships & Merit Awards

If you secure an APU Scholarship & Merit Award for Foundation or Diploma Programme, your Scholarship Award will continue until completion of your degree, provided you meet the minimum CGPA requirement on an annual basis. For example, if you secure a 50% Scholarship based on your 9A’s in SPM, your discount will be 50% for your Foundation Programme and 50% for the entire 3 years (Non-Engineering) or 4 years (Engineering) Degree Programme. You will need to maintain a CGPA of 3.3 each year. For 10A+, the discount is 100% (interview required) and the Merit Awards are awarded on a yearly basis and are renewable upon meeting minimum CGPA 3.70 at the end of each academic year.

2. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) – Top Achiever Scholarship

UTAR offers bond-free scholarships of up to 100% tuition fees for their Foundation as well as undergraduate courses. For its Foundation programmes tuition fee waiver varies from 15% - 100% depending on the results of your SPM/O” Level or equivalent. For undergraduate programmes there are 50% and 100% fees waiver depending again on your performance in the STPM/A-Levels/UEC/SAM/IB/Canadian International Matriculation Programme/Pre-U/UTAR Foundation Programme/Diploma TARUC. There are also 0% interest student loans. Malaysian students can opt to pay their fees by instalments.

  • UTAR Top Achiever Scholarships
  • UTAR Top Achiever Scholarship (MBBS)
  • UTAR Top Achiever Scholarship (Health Sciences)
  • UTAR - UEC Scholarship
  • UTAR - ACCA Scholarship
  • UTAR Sports Scholarship
  • UTAR Talent Scholarship
  • Tan SRi (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong - UTAR Scholarship Fund
  • Datuk Sim Mow Yu - UTAR Scholarship Fund
  • Scholarship for Nursing Programme
  • Ng Chin Kiat S.M.J. Scholarship
  • UTAR Student Loan
  • UTAR Student Bridging Loan
  • NEW UTAR Student Loans (ACCA/CIMA/other Professional Programmes/Master of Architecture Programme)

3. Tunku Abdul Rahman University College - TAR UC Administered Scholarships and Bursaries

  • TAR UC Merit Scholarship (awarded to outstanding Malaysian students in the form of tuition fee waiver up to 100%)
  • Bursary for State/National Players (Application opens from Week 1-7 Jan and June Semester) - TAR UC Sports Scholarship (Opens in April 2022)
  • TAR UC - TAA Scholarship (Opens in July 2022)
  • TAR UC - TAA Scholarship (Top Glove - opens in July 2022)
  • TAR UC - Eco Shop Scholarship (Opens in July 2022)
  • TAR UC - MSEF Scholarship (Opens in July 2022)
  • TAR UC - JINBODHI Bursary (Opens in November 2022)

Applicants can login to the TAR UC Student Intranet for details of applications, eligibility to apply and terms & conditions for the scholarships.

TAR UC also provides a variety of financial aid to students, some of which are merit-based while others take into consideration of family financial background and/or participation in extra-curricular activities. It has a Freshmen Guide to help students plan how to pay their fees (e.g. through EPF withdrawal, PRIHATIN Flexi Payment Plan, PTPTN Loan, TAR UC Student Loan Fund)

TAR UC Student Loans (Internal & Externally Administered)

  • Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards (Opens from July - August 2022)
  • ECM Libra Foundation Study Loan
  • Chang Ming Thien Foundation Study Loan (Open in August 2022)
  • KOJADI Study Loan
  • PPBU Yayasan Bank Rakyat (Interest-free)
  • Selangor State Loan (Opens in August 2022)
  • Perak State Loan (Opens from 30 January - 29 April 2022)
  • Penang State Loan (Opens from June - August 2022)
  • TAR UC Student Loan Fund (Postgraduate Studies)
  • TAR UC Student Loan Fund (Opens in June/July 2022)

4. Management & Science University - Yayasan MSU

The MSU offers its own scholarships and also financial assistance through collaborative efforts with private and public institutional partners. All admitted students are automatically considered for scholarships. Applications may have to be accompanied by an essay.

  • Presidents Scholarship - for students with excellent academic performance from economically-challenged background
  • MSU Outstanding Rewards Scholarship (for academically excellent students with outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities)
  • Fellowship and SLAB Schemes (for graduate studies up to PhD at MSU)
  • Affin Education Financing-I (for undergraduate and postgraduate studies)
  • PTPTN (covers full or partial tuition fees)

5. SEGi University and Colleges - SEGi Scholarship

  • SEGi High Achievers Scholarship - Tuition fee waiver from 25% to 100% depending on students’ SPM/O-Levels/STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels/UEC
  • ACE Scholarship - for SPM/O-levels/UEC students
  • Foundation Scholarship - for SPM/O-level students
  • LeadershipScholarship - for club presidents/vice-presidents/prefects in secondary schools
  • UEC & A-level Scholarship - for UEC/A-level students
  • SEGi Sports Scholarship - Rebates on tuition fee of 25% for state level athlete, 50% for national athlete; minimum CGPA of 2.5 every semester; maintain sports achievement
  • Special Financial Assistance - 20% off tuition fee for UEC and A-level students who register for degree courses.

6. The One Academy of Communication Design - TOA Scholarship

The One Academy offers scholarships for 3 degree programmes - BA (Hon) Interactive Media Design, BA (Hon) Graphic Design, BA (Hon) Interior Architecture & Design.

  • TOA Diploma Holders/Alumni - eligible for scholarship of RM8,500 for 2 years (Years 2 & 3 or Levels 5 & 6)
  • Other Diploma holders - eligible for a 10% tuition fee waiver for 2 years (Years 2 & 3, Levels 5 & 6)

The scholarship is only applicable to those who enrol into Year 2 Degree programme. Only 15 scholarships are available for each new intake.

7. International University of Malaya-Wales - IUMW Scholarships & Financial Assistance

IUMW offers a wide range of scholarships, fee waivers and study loans to assist students pursuing their higher education at IUMW.

  • IUMW High Achiever Scholarship for Foundation Programme (applicable programmes only) - From 50% t0 100% scholarship depending on results
  • STPM/A-Levels Scholarship - 50% to 100% depending on results
  • Government Matriculation Scholarship - 50% to 100% scholarship for applicable undergraduate programmes depending on results
  • UEC Scholarship - For UEC students with remarkable results. 25% to 100% scholarship for applicable undergraduate programmes only
  • Entrance Waiver - RM3000 off for Foundation programmes and applicable undergraduate programmes.
  • BA Accounting Scholarship - RM8000 off for students who sign up for Bachelor of Accounting & Foundation
  • IUMW-UMCCed Scholarship - for students who sign up to progress to a Bachelor Programme with a UMCCed Diploma/Executive Diploma Programme
  • IUMW Alumni Scholarship - 20% to 50% Scholarship for Masters Programmes
  • Progression Reward Scholarship - RM4000 off for students who progress to a Bachelor programme from IMUW’s Foundation Programme
  • Postgraduate Scholarship - RM2000 for students who sign up for any Postgraduate Programme, RM4000 for students who achieved CGPA of > 3.0 or > 65% of their highest qualification
  • IUMW Family Waiver - RM2000 for those with immediate family members studying or who have graduated from IUMW.
  • IUMW Staff Waiver - 40% off tuition fees for IUMW staff and immediate family members (spouse and children)

8. Quest International University - QIU Financial Assistance

Students can apply to the following financial aid providers.

  • Foundation & Diploma Scholarship - 50% to 100% tuition fee for Foundation programme (Arts, Science, Business); 100% tuition fee waiver for Foundation in Science leading to MBBS or Pharmacy Programme at QIU; 25% to 50% tuition fee for a Diploma Programme at QIU
  • QIU Degree Scholarship
  • QIU Sports Scholarship - 50% for State representative, 100% for National representative
  • QIU Tuition Fee Waiver for MBBS Programme - RM25,000 to RM30,000 depending on CGPA
  • QIU Tuition Fee Waiver for Pharmacy Programme - RM15,000 to RM40,000 depending on CGPA
  • Madam Pathmavathi Scholarship - 100% on Tuition Fee for Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons) & Bachelor of Special Needs Education (Hons) Programmes
  • Kumarakulasingam Scholarship - for Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) Journalism, Bachelor of Mass Communication (Hons) Advertising, Bachelor of Corporate Communication (Hons) Programmes.
  • Loans - PTPTN, MiED, PERKESO, KOJADI, Pinjaman Pendidikan Kerajaan Negeri Perak, Pulau Pinang, Negeri Selangor, Yayasan Kemajuan Islam Nasional, ANGKASA, Koperasi Guru-Guru Sekolah Malaysia Berhad, Kumpulan Yaysan Sabah, Skim MARA Bank)

9. SAITO University College - Cares Programme (Program Prihatin Saito)

SAITO University College is giving out financial assistance and also helping students apply for PTPTN loan to pursue tertiary education at SAITO.  

It is giving out to students

  • RM50 to start a Diploma/Degree Programme at SAITO
  • RM100 monthly allowance for a year for Diploma Students at SAITO
  • RM250 monthly allowance for a year for Degree Students at SAITO

Besides, it is also helping students from families under the BPR (Bantuan Prihatin Rakyat) Scheme to secure PTPTN loans up to 100% of their course fees:

  • RM 20,000 for Diploma Programmes
  • RM 40,800 for Degree Programmes

10. International Medical University - IMU Scholarship

  • IMU Foundation in Science Scholarship - awards up to RM12,450
  • IMU Merit Scholarship (Medicine, Pharmacy, Chiropractic, Health Sciences) - fee waiver of 100%
  • IMU Degree Progression Bursary - awards up to RM12,450
  • IMU Pantai Gleneagles Scholarship - Medicine - fee waiver of 100%
  • IMU Need Scholarship (Pharmacy, Chiropractic, Health Sciences) - fee waiver of   100%

11. Methodist College Kuala Lumpur - MCKL Scholarship

There are Industry Scholarships, discounts/bursaries, Special Scholarships and Financial Aid, Methodist Affiliated Scholarships, External Scholarships, MCKL Merit Scholarships and a newly launched MCKL Excellence Award Scholarship 2022 which covers up to 100% tuition fee for deserving students.

12. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia - Heriot-Watt University Scholarships

  • Tuition fee waiver of up to 12,000 per year depending on students’ academic achievements.
  • HWUM 10th anniversary IMPACT Scholarship
  • HWUM 10th Anniversary Global Citizenship
  • Women in Science and Engineering Scholarship
  • Foundation Excellence Award
  • High Achiever’s Scholarship for Foundation Programme
  • High Achiever’s Award for Undergraduate Programme
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering Waiver
  • Heriot-Watt Alumni Discount
  • Family Discount
  • Heriot- Watt Corporate Partnership Postgraduate Bursary
  • Future Made Alumni Special Discount

13. MAHSA University - MAHSA Scholarships & Awards

Awards from RM4000 - RM16000 and fee waivers from 50% to 100% are available.

  • MAHSA Sports Scholarship
  • MAHSA Haji Abdullah Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • MAHSA Foundation Scholarship
  • MAHSA School Teachers Scholarship
  • MAHSA Single Parent Scholarship
  • MAHSA Blue Ribbon Scholarship - Degree
  • MAHSA Blue Ribbon Scholarship - Medicine and Dentistry 

Medicine scholarships (MBBS)

Medicine scholarships (MBBS) are usually offered by institutions that provide the course. Most are merit-based and require your actual results. Also due to the high cost of Medicine degrees, these scholarships are usually awarded to a selected few who are usually top of the class.

Some IPTS that give out MBBS scholarships are:

  • AIMST University Scholarship - offers up to 100% tuition fee waiver for students who pursue their foundation studies to their MBBS degree studies in AIMST.
  • Taylor’s University Merit Scholarship
  • Taylor’s University World Class Scholarship
  • MAHSA University Academic Excellence Scholarship
  • Monash MBBS Bursary - Up to RM10,000 per year
  • UCSI University Trust Education Grant (Medicine) - up to 20%tuition fee waiver for 1st and 2nd year of studies
  • IMU Need Scholarship (Medicine) - tuition fee waiver of up to 100%
  • AMU Scholarships for MBBS - Awards up to RM50,000
  • IMU Pantai Gleneagles Scholarship - Medicine - fee waiver of 100
  • RUMC Medicine Scholarship - Fee waiver of 100%
  • MUCM (Manipal University College) - Awards up to RM100,000


The list of IPTS and the scholarships they offer is by no means exhaustive. For the IPTS mentioned above you can login to the links given for more information regarding their scholarships. For those not mentioned above, you can contact us at We would be delighted to assist you.

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