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Sources for Exploring Career Trends

by on May 27, 2024 | Top Stories

Sources for Exploring Career Trends -

When planning your career, researching both global and local career trends is crucial for making informed decisions. If you find a particular industry appealing, there are numerous career paths you can explore within it. For example, in the healthcare sector, you could become a surgeon, general practitioner, or pharmacist. In the construction industry, options range from quantity surveyor to architect. Even if you haven't yet settled on your dream career, it's never too late to start exploring your options. By investigating career trends and opportunities within your areas of interest, you can make educated choices that align with your goals and aspirations.

Here are some reliable sources to start in exploring the current and future career trends are:

1. 12th Malaysia Plan (2021-2025)

A great place to start exploring different types of industries is by reviewing the Malaysian government's 12th Malaysia Plan and the Economic Transformation Programme. Careers related to the industries identified in these plans are expected to be in high demand.

2. World Economic Forum (WEF)

The WEF is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.

The WEF publishes reports on the future of jobs, global employment trends, and the impact of technology on the job market.

3. TalentCorp Malaysia

TalentCorp is the national agency that drives Malaysia's talent strategy towards becoming a dynamic talent hub. It focuses on talent management and development in Malaysia, providing insights into industry demands, in-demand skills, and future job trends.

4. JobStreet Malaysia

JobStreet is one of the biggest job recruitment sites and a leading job portal in Malaysia. JobStreet offers insights into the job market, including salary reports, employment trends, and in-demand skills based on job postings and employer data.

5. LinkedIn Malaysia

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking platform, serving as a valuable resource for professionals to connect, network, and engage with industry peers, potential employers, and business partners.

LinkedIn provides valuable data on job market trends, emerging industries, and in- demand skills in Malaysia, based on real-time data from its users and job postings.

6. Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), a government​ agency under the purview of the Ministry of Digital, was established in 1996 to lead Malaysia’s digital economy.

MDEC focuses on the growth of Malaysia's digital economy and provides insights into trends in tech-related fields and the digital job market.

7. University Career Services

Many universities have career services departments that conduct research on job market trends and provide valuable career resources and reports for students and alumni. These departments can offer information on career opportunities and trends related to the courses offered, helping you align your education with market demands and future job prospects.

You can stay updated on the latest career trends and make more informed decisions about your education and career path.

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