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SPM Examination Results 2023 and What's Next

by on May 15, 2024 | Top Stories

SPM Examination Results 2023 and What's Next -

The Ministry of Education Malaysia has announced the SPM Examination results for 2023 to be released on 27 May 2024. A total of 395,870 candidates sat for the exam in 3,340 centres around Malaysia for the 2023 SPM Exam.

School candidates can collect their results at their respective schools from 10.00 am on 27 May 2024. Private candidates will receive their results by post or they can contact the Education Department of the state where they registered for the examination.

Both school and private candidates can also choose to check their results:

  1. Online at to get their result slips. They can start doing so from 10.00 am on 27 May 2024 to 6.00 pm on 2 June 2024.
  2. Through SMS by typing SPMNo. KPAngka Gillian and sending it to 15888. This system will be activated from 10.00 am on 27 May 2024 to 6.00 pm on 2 June 2024.

The scenario after collecting their results could be a picture of merriment or dejection for some. There are those who pass with flying colours or do better than expected. There are those who get results they expect and there are some who do not do as well as they have hoped. Whatever category a student falls under, there is no necessity to be alarmed or overly-anxious. There are many education options open to them to pursue a course of their choice.

What are the Education Pathways after SPM?

Some of the education pathways open to students after the SPM Exam will be:

  • STPM - This Malaysian-based exam is equivalent to A-Levels and is recognised worldwide. It is an advisable choice for those whose families may have some financial constraints.
  • A-Levels - This is a UK-based examination that requires the students to sit for at least 3 papers. This qualification enables students to pursue more challenging courses at tertiary level.
  • Foundation Studies - This is usually a 1-year course that prepares students for a degree programme. Many private institutions are offering Foundation courses.
  • Diploma - A diploma course normally takes 2 years. This is a good choice for students who might want to work to gain some experience before embarking on their degree courses.

Scholarships and Study Awards

The next thing to consider is the students’ financial standing or rather that of their families. Depending on their SPM exam performance, some students may be able to secure scholarships offered for pre-university and undergraduate studies. Some scholarships are given based on their SPM exam results and there are others which are given out to needy students. Thus, students can read up or find out from reliable sources as to the terms and conditions to see whether they meet the requirements to be awarded scholarships. Besides scholarships, there are loans too but of course, these need repayment. It is wise to find out what the repayment options are and whether there is a bond period upon the completion of their courses. If they are willing to accept the terms and conditions, then only should they apply for the scholarships or loans.

The next couple of weeks leading to and after the release of the results will be bustling with activities, excitement and apprehension for these SPM candidates and perhaps their parents too. It will be a hectic time searching for information for tertiary education.

What is my course option?

If you are still trying to figure out your course options, this interest assessment tool, i.e., Course-Interest-Test designed by STUDYMALAYSIA, is exactly what you need! Take the test at now!

All-in-one Further Studies Online Resource

Nowadays the internet is flooded with information and it may be mind-boggling for the students to sieve through so much information. However, if they fall back on a reliable source with information from experienced individuals within the education industry, they cannot go wrong. One such website that can furnish students with information from identifying their interest, finding a suitable field of study, choosing an institution to financial aids available is By following what STUDYMALAYSIA has to offer students get to reflect and analyse information before making the best decision for their future. is a very comprehensive website on the Malaysian education system. It provides information and answers to students who want to know what to study, where to study and how to go about it. There are articles and write-ups on career guidance such as:

  • Explore Your Career
  • Know Yourself and Career Interest Assessment
  • List of Possible Careers for you
  • Choosing the Best Study Route
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How to spend your waiting time?

Meanwhile, students while waiting for things to settle down should spend some time:

  • Developing living skills like marketing, simple cooking, doing household chores, sewing and learning how to control their spending. These skills will stand them in good stead when they leave home to study.
  • Mastering the English Language. Generally, English will be the medium of instruction at most tertiary education institutions. To be proficient in English will ensure a smoother journey when pursuing their course and also enable better social networking as it is very likely that they will be among students of different races and cultures.

Carpe Diem!


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