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SPM Results - Joy or Jitters?

by on February 27, 2015 | Top Stories

On 3 March 2015, the results will be released for the 455,839 candidates who sat for the 2014 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination. If you're one of these candidates, are you looking forward to this date or dreading it? Find out how to brace yourself and stay calm for this big day.

Five days from now, we will see the standard news coverage of teenagers crying with joy (or disappointment) over their SPM results. There will be the usual debates on whether certain subjects were easier or harder than the previous years while others attempt to analyse and dissect the students' performance according to each state or type of school.

If you are one of these candidates, next week will mark the day you will find out if you've made the mark to enter pre-university studies. Most of you may be feeling a bit jittery though you may be looking forward to the results - but if you're feeling extremely nervous about the results, here are some tips on how you can ease the mix of emotions you're facing.

According to counselling psychologist, Marie Morris, there are a number of reasons students feel a mix of emotions. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help find out the main reason for your jitters.

  • You probably have certain self-expectations - are hoping you match up to that?
  • Are you trying hard to live up to the expectations of others?
  • Have you set absolute expectations for yourself, and is this making it difficult for you to accept anything lesser than what you expect?
  • You are aware of how you prepared for the exams and hence the accompanying emotion?
  • You are aware of your performance in the exam?
  • Does your future depend on these grades? If so, to what extent?

SPMMorris also recommends these tips for overcoming pre-exam results jitters:

  • Be aware of your expectations and analyse how rigid or flexible they are
  • Be open to a range of possible outcomes
  • Think about the best that could happen
  • Think about the worst that could happen
  • To what extent is your self worth equal to your academic achievement? Try to understand that self- worth encompasses how you are in other roles as well; as a child, sibling, friend, individual, as a member of society, etc.
  • Try to relax and get involved in activities that channel your energy
  • What are the tiny steps you can take to reduce this anxiety before your results?

In a nutshell, most students feel jittery because of the expectations they (or others) have set for themselves. No matter what your results are, know that there are always options for you out there. Speak to a school counsellor or email us at [email protected] for advice.


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