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Study In Malaysia: Opticianry Courses

by on December 2, 2016 | Top Stories

We depend on our eyesight for almost all the activities we carry out each day and often, we don't realise the importance of taking care of our eyes until we experience something that affects the health of our eyes.

If you are interested in eye care and are considering a career as an eye care professional, you should first understand the difference between ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians.

What is the difference between an ophthalmologist, optometrist, and optician?

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians have different levels of training and areas of expertise. Here's a quick look at the three types of eye care providers:

  • Ophthalmologists are medical doctors trained to specialise in eye and vision care, and are licensed to practice medicine and surgery. They diagnose and treat eye diseases, perform eye surgery and prescribe and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct vision problems.
  • Optometrists provide primary vision care that includes sight testing and correction. They also diagnose, treat and manage vision changes. This includes prescribing and dispensing corrective lenses, detecting certain eye abnormalities, and prescribing medications for certain eye diseases. However, an optometrist is not the same as a medical doctor.
  • The role of opticians is primarily to design, verify and fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, and other devices to correct eyesight. Opticians don't perform vision tests nor write prescriptions for visual correction.

Studying Opticianry in Malaysia

Opticianry There are a few opticianry courses in Malaysia. Here's an overview of some providers:

Axismatics Professional Institute

The institute offers students an option of the two-year full-time or three-year part-time Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians (FBDO) programme. Students who have completed the FBDO programme at Axismatics can apply to sit for the FBDO examination which is conducted twice a year. Students who pass the FBDO examination will be awarded the FBDO professional qualification by the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, UK. It is a qualification recognised worldwide and accepted by the Malaysian Optical Council for practising as a registered optician in Malaysia.

It is also the pathway for attaining a higher qualification in the fields of vision sciences, optometry, management and business studies.

 Find out more about the Opticianry course from Axismatics here.

Institute Optopreneur - Diploma in Opticianry

This programme is designed to train students to be professionally competent in areas such as fitting corrective eye wear, assisting patients in selecting appropriate frames and preparing work orders for laboratory technicians. This is the first opticianry course offered by a Malaysian private institute of higher education. The course emphasizes on practical on-the-job-training and entrepreneurial skills needed to make a mark in the optical industry.


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