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The cost of being a student in Malaysia

by on August 19, 2016 | Top Stories, International Students

The cost of being a student in Malaysia -

Here's a quick look at the cost of being a student in Malaysia. Don't forget you can check out on more details of the courses offered in Malaysia here.

Pre-u courses Cambridge GCE A-Levels, UK RM19,000-38,000 for 3 subjects One-year private university foundation programme
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
Home-grown bachelor degree programmes at private universities Business degree (3 years)
Engineering degree (4 years)
RM30,000-75,000 (US$7,500-18,750)
MBBS (5 years)
Hospitality & Tourism degree (3 years)
IT degree (3 years)
Pharmacy degree (4 years)
Postgraduate degrees Public university MBA programme
RM21,000-26,000 per course
Private university MBA programme
RM25,000-36,000 per course
UK MBA programme in Malaysia
RM55,800 per course
Other expenses Estimated cost of living per month:
RM1800 (USD450)
Health insurance
from RM500 per year
EMGS application fee (includes medical screening, student pass, visa, student i-Kad; excludes health insurance) approx. RM1470

Note: The exchange rate used in this article is estimated at USD1 = RM4

What's the average cost of living in Malaysia for students in Malaysia? Read about it here.

Easy money-saving tips

Feeling broke? Here's what you can do to make your ringgit stretch further.

  1. Buy your books second-hand and sell them when you’re done with them
  2. Look for student discounts at restaurants and cafés and make use of them
  3. Watch movies on Wednesdays
  4. Cook your food at home
  5. Walk, take public transportation or share a cab – owning a car can add up to a lot of expenses
  6. Drink water instead of soda or coffee – it's cheaper and healthier in the long run
  7. Join student activities on campus when you can – it’s probably cheaper than a night out on your own
  8. Shop only when something is on a discount but buy only what you need

Source: Study in Malaysia Handbook, 10th edition

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