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PUBLIC INSTITUTES OF HIGHER LEARNING AWAIT YOU! - UPU Session 2023/24 for SPM school leavers -

UPU Session 2023/24 for SPM school leavers

It is that time of the year again. The SPM results will be released soon and the mad rush and scramble will start for a lot of students to find paths for their tertiary education. Starting on your tertiary education can be a wonderful and exciting experience but the journey may come with hitches and challenges here and there. However the application process to public institutes of higher learning has been made easy with the services provided by the UPU, a centralised platform that manages the application process for Public Universities (IPTA), Polytechnics, Community Colleges and Institut Latihan Kemahiran Awam (ILKA) in Malaysia. Those who have made up their minds to pursue tertiary education can apply for any institute and any course (at Asasi programme, certificate and diploma levels) listed on and subject to admission requirement conditions by furnishing their application only through the UPU. UPU allows you to apply for several courses and institutions at the same time via its system.

Application for UPU 2023 Online Phase 2 for SPM school leavers will be open soon. There will be some of the twenty Public Universities, 36 polytechnics, 105 Community College and 4 Institusi Kemahairan Tinggi Awam (ILKA) open for application for Asasi, Certificate and Diploma programmes. Phase 2 is also open to candidates who have applied in Phase 1 and wish to update their choice of study programmes (not inclusive of programmes that require interview and/or test).

In line with the government’s aim to ease the people’s financial burden and to increase access to higher education the Process Fee of RM15 for the UPUOnline (Academic Session 2023/2024) will be borne by MOHE.

Candidates are advised to visit the official website of UPU ( for more information on how to apply and guidelines for using UPUOnline. There is also a feedback channel that can be contacted at for queries and assistance. In addition to this MOHE is also providing the service called ME UPUChat service via 03-86842363.

The application process comprises

  1. submitting your application
  2. receiving your result
  3. appealing if necessary
  4. interview with the institution (not applicable to Phase 2 application)
  5. accepting the offer

Application Procedures:

  1. To register go to UPU’s online portal
  2. Fill up Page 1.
  3. Proceed to “New Account Registration” to fill in all your information. You must have a valid e-mail address and password.
  4. Use a computer or laptop to go online and a compatible browser to enable pop-ups of latest information such as calendar and reminders.
  5. Once your account is registered, go to DASHBOARD and fill in all the information asked for.
  6. Fill up the application form by clicking on the word “Permohonan”.
  7. Next go to “Malumat Penyata” and furnish all the required details there. This is followed by forms on Personal Information, Family Information and Academic Information. Fill in the necessary details meticulously.
  8. Check course requirements - Read carefully the entry requirements and details of your preferred courses and universities.
  9. SPM leavers can choose up to 12 courses to public universities, polytechnics, community colleges and ILKA. Arrange your first 6 choices with the most preferred course at the top. Choose courses based on your interest and eligibility to avoid disappointment.
  10. Double-check your application before submitting.
  11. When you are done with the double-checking click the “Sah & Hantar’ button.
  12. Print out the application slip as proof and for safekeeping.
  13. After submission of your application you are allowed to update/change information given anytime before the closing date. You just have to fill in the “Kemaskini Maklumat”.

You can check the UPU results:

  1. through the internet.
  2. through SMS: Type UPURESULTIC Number and SMS to 15888

  3. through UPU hotline 03-8870 6777/6755/6766/6767

When you have got what you want:

  • Click “Accept” and print out the university offer letter.
  • Look out for scholarships, loans and grants from universities of PTPTN.
  • Get ready important documents - a few copies of university offer letter, IC, birth certificate, SPM result slips, parents’ salary slips, high school completion certificate, health check-up report, passport-sized photos.
  • Open a banking account.
  • Check out the dress codes.
  • Prepare other necessities - formal and casual clothes, handphone, shoes, slippers, kettle, pail, medication etc.

What you can do if you do not get the course you want / if you do not receive any offers:

  • The decision of the UPU is final and you can only accept the offer and make the most out of it or reject the offer which means giving up your spot at a public university.
  • If you do not receive any offers you can submit an appeal (Rayuan) through the UPU website. However, there is no appeal process for switching courses.
  • Failure to get a place may be due to the limited number of spots available for the programmes you apply for. Thus, you are advised to select a different programme when you appeal.
  • Your appeal must be submitted within 5 days after the UPU results are announced.
  • If you reject the course offered because you are passionate about the course you want, then your next option is look to private universities.
  • Another option is to take a gap year by taking on internships or working part-time and re-apply a year later.

Once you have submitted your application, you can expect a two to three month wait before hearing from the universities. If you don’t get a placement, you can appeal through UPU online.

Reference: UPU 2023_MANUAL_PENGGUNA_LEPASAN SPM, published by MOHE

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