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KDU's Guide on Getting a Scholarship

by on May 15, 2023 | Useful Tips


Get good grades This goes without saying. Excellent results are the surest way to get a scholarship. If you already have straight A results to begin with, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. If you haven’t, fret not, as the KDU Scholarship Foundation have differing scholarships to recognize talent.

Excel in co-curricular “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”
You’ve heard of that phrase before, no doubt. Concentration on academics is good, but make sure you also excel in some form of co-curricular activities, be it a sport or a club, as it shows that you are a well-rounded student, and that helps in your scholarship application.

Play a sport! Besides recognizing good grades, the KDU Scholarship Foundation also awards those who are good in sports. KDU’s Sports Scholarship is open to all national and state level athletes and sportsmen. Our Malaysian bowler Esther Cheah was awarded this scholarship when she was studying in the American Degree Program here.

Display leadership skills
Scholarship interviewers usually favour those who are able to show that they have leadership skills, be it in school projects or co-curricular activities. Those who display this are usually vocal, bold, assertive and confident. And that’s the kind of student that KDU would want to have.

KDU not only educates students to be the pillars of its future, but believes that each and everyone should have a right to education. Our objective to assist students in all aspect of their education extends beyond quality improvements in teaching and learning. As such, our Scholarship Foundation offers many options of financial assistance for students with differing needs.


  • Teo Soo Pin Scholarship
  • High Achiever’s Scholarship
  • Bursary Award
  • Principal Scholarship
  • Joint Scholarship
  • Sports Scholarship
  • Bumiputra Bursary Award
  • Merit Scholarship

For more information on our scholarships, do log on to our website or just give our Admission & Bursary Department a ring at 03 7728 8123.

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