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Simple Tips to Make College Life More Affordable

by on May 23, 2016 | Useful Tips

Simple Tips to Make College Life More Affordable

Simple Tips to Make College Life More Affordable

Students are known to always be living on a budget, but doing so does not mean you have to be unhappy. Check out these tips on how you can stay on a budget as a student yet still have fun while you work towards getting that scroll!

Start Early

Even before you step foot into college or university, start saving up some money. Put those angpao, duit raya and other money you received from your parents and relatives to good use. You don’t have to use all of it, but setting some money aside to use during your studies is a good idea. You’ll be more at ease knowing you have a stash of emergency money and the fact that you don’t have to rely on your parents entirely!

Part Time Job

Should you or should you not work while you are studying? If you want to live comfortably on a budget, having a part time job will really help you out. Plus, you’ll be earning more than just some extra money, you will also be gaining valuable experiences which will make you even more employable in the future when you start applying for your full time job. Before you embark on taking a part time job, do read, “Should Malaysian students work part-time while studying?”

Take Advantage of Being A Student

Among the perks of being a student are the discounts and benefits that are available for you. Make sure you take advantage of what is readily available for you such as the KAD1SM. If you don’t have one yet, ask your higher institution because by right you should have received your card upon enrolling. KAD1SM are given for free to students who meet the criteria as below:

  • Pursuing higher education with minimum 1 year term in Malaysia (applicable for certificate, diploma, degree, masters, PhD students)
  • Full-time students
  •  Malaysian

With the card, you’ll get up to 60% discounts at various retail outlets in Malaysia. Additionally, students at higher institution will also get the Baucer Buku 1Malaysia (BB1M), so make full use of the card voucher to get the books you’ve been eyeing on!

Load Up On Freebies

Use your university or college’s free services, (well which you or your parents have technically paid for) to full use. From printing services, gym and the internet, why pay more when you have all of those at your disposal? Most university and colleges also have plenty of free activities and cool events on campus such as free movie screening, sports activities and more. Just keep your eyes open for it at your campus!

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