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SEGi High Achievers Scholarship (HAS)

SPM/O-Levels, STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels, and UEC school leavers who have achieved outstanding results are entitled to the High Achievers Scholarship (HAS) when they register to enroll into SEGi.

The HAS will cover percentage of the new students’ tuition fees based on their results:

No. Academic Achievement % of Scholarship on Tuition Fees
1 10 As and above 100%
9 As 75%
8 As 50%
STPM/Local Matriculation/A-Levels
2 CGPA 4.00 / 4 As 100%
CGPA 3.75 / 3 As 75%
CGPA 3.50 / 2 As 50%
3 7 As or 5 points 100%
6 As or 7 points 75%
5 As or 10 points 50%
4 As or 15 points 25%
  • NOT applicable to AHS & Health Science programmes
  • All applicants are to be interviewed and approved by SEGi Management
  • SPM/O-Level students who scored all As in all registered subjects (less than 10 subjects) may be considered for 100% scholarships on a case-by-case basis.

*UEC – Total points of 5 Best Subjects:

A1 = 1 point B3 = 3 points B5 = 5 points C7 = 7 points
A2 = 2 points B4 = 4 points B6 = 6 points C8 = 8 points


  • Malaysian citizen, aged below 25 years.
  • High academic achievement(s).
  • Active in extracurricular activities.
  • Recommendation by the school principal or headmaster would be advantageous.
  • NOT applicable for Health Sciences programmes
  • is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 3.70 every semester to continue the scholarship.


Special Financial Assistance

  • Applicable to student who register for Degree with UEC and A-Level qualification only
  • 20% off from tuition fee
  • Not applicable for Health Sciences programmes


SEGi Sports Scholarship

  • Talented Malaysian athlete who participates at State or National level sporting events.
  • State level athlete is entitled to 25% rebate and National athlete is entitled to 50% rebate on tuition fees.
  • Verification by sports association is necessary.
  • Applicant must represent SEGi College or University in MAPCU games or any other tournaments as and when required by the College or University.
  • Applicant is required to meet a minimum CGPA of 2.5 every semester and maintain their sports achievement at State or National level.


Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Loan

The conditions for applying for an education loan are as follows:

  • Malaysian;
  • Aged not more than 45 years on the date of application;
  • Obtain offers to IPTA / IPTS and Polytechnics by fulfilling the entry eligibility requirements set by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA);
  • Courses attended by IPTA / IPTS and Polytechnic students must be approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia and registered with PTPTN; *
  • For IPTS students, the course followed must obtain a Certificate of Accreditation from the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and is still within the validity period at the date of application;
  • For students with different qualifications, confirmation must be obtained from the department or agency as stated above;
  • The remaining period of study at the time of application must not be less than one (1) year;
  • Has opened an SSPN-i / SSPN-i Plus account **.
  • For more information, please refer to:

* Only PTPTN-sponsored courses will be registered and listed in the PTPTN Online Application Portal. The IPT needs to make an application to PTPTN if they want to get a PTPTN loan sponsorship.

** Only SSPN-i accounts with 15 digits can apply for PTPTN. Please contact the nearest PTPTN branch to check the 15-digit SSPN-i account number.


Koperasi Jayadiri (KOJADI) Education Loan

  • Malaysian Citizen;
  • The applicant (student) and co-applicant must become members of KOJADI with RM500 initial shares each;
  • Student must have gained admission to the University/College;
  • One or more guarantors may be required depending on the merit of the application;
  • For full terms and conditions, please refer to:


Public Service Department Malaysia (JPA)

  • Malaysian citizen.
  • Must be a first year college student (JPA wants the actual results).
  • Not exceeding 25 years old upon application.
  • Has not obtained any degree titles
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not be bound to any (other) government’s loan schemes or scholarships.
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have any arrears (issues) or are blacklisted by any government’s loan schemes.
  • Parent / Sibling(s) / Applicant must not have gone against any government’s scholarship contracts.
  • At a time, only one member from a family can apply for this education loan.
  • Family member of a successful applicant will be given a chance to apply for this education loan if only if he or she (the successful applicant) has started the repayment of loan for at least 6 months.
  • Selected programmes must also be recognised by JPA.
  • To know if the respective programme has been accredited, visit the JPA Qualification Accreditation website:


Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

  • Malaysian Citizen; OR
  • A Malaysian Citizen who has made Leaving The Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 and later opted to re-contribute to the EPF; OR
  • A Non-Malaysian Citizen who:
    • Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998; OR
    • Has obtained a Permanent Resident status (PR)
    • Has not reached the age of 55 on the date the application is received by EPF; AND
    • Having savings in EPF Account 2
  • For full terms and conditions, please refer to:


Social Security Organisation (PERKESO)

  • Applicants can also be children of contributors who died while in employment because of injuries, or died before reaching their 55th birthday.
  • The applicants must be below 21 years of age.
  • Not married.
  • Pursuing degree, diploma or certificate courses local University / Colleges recognised by MQA.
  • For full terms and conditions, please refer to:
  • The completed application form with relevant documents should be sent to the address below:
  • Ketua Eksekutif PERKESO Pertubuhan Keselamatan Sosial
    Menara PERKESO
    281, Jalan Ampang, 50538 Kuala Lumpur
    u/p:Unit Pinjaman / Biasiswa Pendidikan
    Tel: 03 4264 5334 / 341 Fax: 03 4264 3534


How to apply?

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