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MEng Mechanical Engineering

Offered by: Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
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Exam BodyHeriot-Watt University, UK
Course Duration4 years
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
Fees (International Student)54,000
CampusHeriot-Watt University, UK
FacultySchool of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryUnited Kingdom
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyEngineering & Engineering Trades
Study Abroad Pathway


Course Description

Modern society needs high-quality Mechanical Engineering graduates for their professional mechanical engineering skills and expertise. Heriot-Watt University is proud that our graduates are constantly in demand for these skills.

Mechanical Engineers play key roles in all industrial sectors ranging from aerospace, oil and gas, through food and transport to manufacturing, chemical and entertainment industries. Mechanical Engineering offers an exciting environment where many skills are brought together to create innovative products and the infrastructure and technology for manufacture.

The MEng (Master of Engineering) is an Integrated Master degree aims to produce graduate Engineers who are able to meet society’s needs by the creation of products or processes that benefit the individual or economy. Many of the courses contextualise mechanical engineering science principles with mini-projects and students will work in groups to produce a solution to an engineering problem.

The core courses of Design and Manufacture and Business Awareness, Safety and Sustainability are particularly aimed at bringing knowledge from all engineering science disciplines together in a project. The individual project in the final year allows students to become specialists in an area of their choice by working with an academic member of staff on a particular niche area of Mechanical Engineering.


Course content

Core courses

First Year

BEng (Hons) and MEng

Mandatory September

  • Mechanics, Fields and Forces
  • Introduction to Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering in Context 1
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 1

Mandatory January

  • Waves and Matter
  • Mechanical Engineering in Context 2
  • Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 2

Second Year

BEng (Hons) and MEng

All students by default will be enrolled into the MEng programme at the point of entry. This is done for the applicant's eligibility for PTPTN's study loan, as well as for recognition by the Board of Engineers Malaysia. You may choose to opt out of the MEng programme, and proceed to a BEng (Hons) programme during your Second Year.

Mandatory September

  • Design and Manufacture 2
  • Fluid Mechanics A
  • Mechanics of Materials A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 3

Mandatory January

  • Electrical Power and Machines
  • Dynamics
  • Thermodynamics A
  • Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4

Third Year

Students undertake a compulsory industrial training placement.

Mandatory September

  • Design and Manufacture 3
  • Fluid Mechanics B
  • Mechanics of Materials B
  • Sustainable Development and Engineering Management

Mandatory January

  • Design and Manufacture 4
  • Vibration Analysis & Control Engineering
  • Thermodynamics B

Optional January

  • Automotive Technologies 1
  • Energy Studies


Fourth Year

MEng only

Mandatory September

  • Engineering Design

Optional September

  • Fluids 1
  • Advanced Mechanics of Materials 1
  • Dynamics 1
  • Heat Exchangers and Heat Transfer

Mandatory January

  • Engineering Manufacture
  • Group Project 1

Optional January

  • Fluids 2
  • Robotic Mechanical Systems
  • Dynamics 2
  • Advanced Thermodynamic Applications



Year 5

Mandatory September

  • Group Project 2
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics with Heat Transfer
  • Professional and Industrial Studies

Optional September

  • Project 1

Mandatory January

  • Specialist Engineering Technology 2
  • Failure and Accident Analysis
  • Group Project 3

Optional January

  • Project 2
Entry Requirements
  • A-Level / STPM: BBC including B in Mathematics and Physics.
  • UEC: 15 points or less including A2 in Mathematics and Physics (5 subjects not less than B grade).
  • WACE: ATAR 75 including 65% in Mathematics Method/Specialist and Physics.
  • SACE: ATAR 75 including 15.0 in Mathematics Method/Specialist and Physics.
  • Canada Year 12 High School Diploma: 75% including 70% in Mathematics and Physics.
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma: 26 points including 5 in SL Physics and Mathematics AA (or 5 in HL Mathematics AI).
  • Matriculation/ Foundation: CGPA 3.0 including B in Mathematics and Physics.
  • Diploma: A diploma in related field – Engineering with CGPA 3.0 including B in Mathematics and Physics.
  • Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Foundation in Science: Grade C average including C in Mathematics, Physics and English.
  • SMA 3 (Indonesia): 8.0 including 8.0 in Mathematics and Physics.
  • Year 12 State Board High School Examination (India): 75% including 75% in Mathematics and Physics.
  • Senior High School Graduation Certificate (China): 80% including 80% in Mathematics and Physics.

We strongly urge all prospective students to submit their applications. Our students comprise of individuals with a wide array of qualifications. The most comprehensive way for us to assess eligibility is by receiving a completed application comprising of academic qualification.

Entry requirements in the prospectus and website may not always apply and individual offers may vary.

Intake Months

January, September

Career Prospects

Graduates are in constant demand. Many engineers make their careers in established areas, perhaps in the infrastructure industries of energy and transportation or the design and manufacture of advanced equipment. Others find rewarding careers meeting the challenges of applying new materials and intelligent systems to products and manufacturing processes.

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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