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Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)

Offered by: Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)
Exam BodyInternal Degree, Malaysia
Course Duration4 Yrs
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
Fees (International Student)78000/Course
FacultyCollege of Engineering
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyBachelor's Degree Level
Field of StudyEngineering & Engineering Trades
Course Description

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a full-time undergraduate programme leading to the award of Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) which is designed to prepare students to become Civil Engineers who are able to plan, design, construct and maintain civil engineering facilities such as buildings, bridges, foundation, highways, water supply systems, sewerage schemes and other form of infrastructure.

The program is also designed to provide students with the educational base to progress to Professional Engineer status as well as to undertake Master of Civil Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy from UNITEN and other reputable institutions of higher learning. The Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) is a 4-year programme where undergraduate students will study courses in civil engineering in the following areas:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Transportation & Highway Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Project Management and Construction

In addition to the above, undergraduate students will also study other technical courses such as Engineering Surveying, Engineering Geology, Computer Programming, Engineers in Society and Computer Aided Design and Drafting Technology. The use of computer applications and software is integrated throughout the program. Students will also study English and Malay languages, technical communication, moral/religious studies and humanities in order to produce engineers who are technically competent with strong commitment to ethics and professionalism and able to communicate effectively which are all essential for students to build successful career.

Undergraduate students will undertake a capstone design project in their final year. It is a team design project applying engineering and project management principles for a multidisciplinary design which would involve an integration of all aspects of Civil Engineering namely Environmental, Geotechnical, Water Supply, Sewerage, Structural, Transportation and Project Management, with the design process from conceptual and preliminary design to final design for construction purposes.

It requires that each student demonstrate the ability to complete a significant engineering design using the knowledge gained as an undergraduate in the Civil Engineering program. Undergraduate students will undergo industrial training at the end of the third year where students will be exposed to the various aspects of industrial practices and ethics and to acquire knowledge and skills of practical nature which are needed for their professional development.

Students are also required to undertake research activities in their final year. The Final Year Project courses provide opportunities for students to acquire knowledge through research activities and to apply this knowledge to real life problems.   The Department of Civil Engineering has a total of ten (10) undergraduate laboratories which are:

  • Civil Engineering Materials
  • Structural Engineering
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Engineering Geology
  • Highway Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Engineering Surveying

The Department of Civil Engineering is in an active phase of growth and development. The upcoming year will be an exciting one with strategic plans and potential future paths for continued excellence for staff and students alike.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons.) : Sample of Course Distribution
Code Courses Credit Pre-requisite Co-requisite
Semester 1
MATB113 Advanced Calculus & Analytical Geometry 3 NONE NONE
CECB113 Mechanics I: Statics 3 NONE NONE
CEMB113 Civil Engineering Materials 3 NONE CEMB111
CEMB111 Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory 1 NONE CEMB113
CEGB112 Engineering Geology 2 NONE CEGB111
CEGB111 Geology Laboratory 1 NONE CEGB112
MASB113 Malaysian Studies 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16    
Semester II
MATB143 Differential Equations 3 NONE NONE
CEMB124 Mechanics of Materials 4 CECB113 or MEMB123 CEMB121
CEMB121 Mechanics of Materials Laboratory 1 CECB113 or MEMB123 CEMB124
CEWB123 Mechanics of Fluids 3 CECB113 or MEMB123 CEWB121
CEWB121 Mechanics of Fluids Laboratory 1 CECB113 or MEMB123 CEWB123
ISLB112 / MORB112 Islamic / Moral Studies I 2 NONE NONE
CECB122 Mechanics II: Dynamics 2 CECB113 or MEMB123 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16    
Semester III
MATB133 Statistics for Civil Engineers 3 NONE NONE
CESB223 Structural Analysis I 3 CEMB124 NONE
CEGB233 Soil Mechanics 3 CEMB124 & CEGB112 CEGB231
CEGB231 Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1 CEMB124 & CEGB112 CEGB233
CECB212 Civil Engineering
Drafting Technology
CECB211 Civil Engineering
Drafting Technology Laboratory
ISLB122 / MORB122 Islamic / Moral Studies II 2 ISLB112 / MORB112 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 15    
CCSB163 Principles of Programming 3 NONE NONE
CEVB213 Surveying for Engineers 3 NONE CEVB211
CEVB211 Surveying Practical Training 1 NONE CEVB213
CEEB223 Introduction to Environmental Engineering 3 NONE CEEB221
CEEB221 Introduction to Environmental Engineering Laboratory 1 NONE CEEB223
CEWB222 Hydraulic Engineering 2 CEWB123 CEWB221
CEWB221 Hydrology & Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory 1 CEWB123 CEWB222
  Total Credit Hours 14    
Semester V
CESB343 Reinforced Concrete Design I 3 CECB212, CESB223, CEMB113 NONE
CESB353 Structural Analysis II 3 CESB223 NONE
CEEB313 Water & Wastewater Engineering 3 CEEB223 NONE
CEGB333 Geotechnical Engineering Literature & Sociology Electives 3 CEGB233
ISLB132 / MORB132 Islamic / Moral Studies III 2 ISLB122 / MORB122 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 17    
Semester VI
CETB322 Highway Engineering 2 CEMB113 & CEGB233 NONE
CESB333 Structural Steel Design I 3 CESB223 NONE
Hydrology Engineering
Project Management & Construction
TECB213 Technical Communication 3 NONE NONE
MALB113 Malay Language I 3 NONE NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16    
COEB314 Industrial Training 4 Completed minimum 60 CH NONE
      Must complete CESB223, CEGB112, CEWB222  
  Total Credit Hours 4    
Semester VII
CESB423 Reinforced Concrete Design II 3 CESB223 & CESB343 NONE
CEGB423 Foundation Engineering I 3 CEGB333 NONE
CECB423 Numerical Methods for Civil Engineers 3 MATB113, MATB143 & CCSB163 NONE
CETB412 Transportation Engineering 2 CEVB213 CETB411
CETB411 Highway & Transportation Engineering Laboratory 1 CEGB233 & CEVB213 CETB412
CERB412 Project I 2 CESB343 & CEGB233 & CEWB322 & CEPB323 NONE
COEB422 Engineers in Society 2 CEPB323 NONE
  Total Credit Hours 16    
Semester VII
CERB424 Project II 4 CERB412 NONE
*** Civil Engineering Elective I 3    
*** Civil Engineering Elective II 3    
CESB493 Integrated Civil Engineering Design Project 3 COEB314  
  Total Credit Hours 13    
SUMMARY Engineering Subjects 85    
  Related Subjects 42    

Core Courses : Student has to obtain a CGPA of not less than 2.00

*Note: The 127 credit hours are for those enrolling in the program starting Semester 1 2011-2012 intake onwards. Prior to this intake, students need to complete 124 credit hours which includes CESB403 Integrated Civil Engineering Design Project. Students with 124 credit hours still have to follow the old course structure.

Technical Electives Subjects (Select one of the Subjects)
CESB463 Analysis and Design of Civil Engineering Structures 3 CESB343 NONE
CESB473 Finite Element Analysis 3 CESB333 NONE
CEGB493 Environmental Geotechnology and Geotechnical Modeling 3 CEGB333 NONE
CEGB463 Field and Rock Engineering 3 CEGB333 NONE
CETB413 Transportation Planning 3 CETB322 & CETB412 NONE
CETB423 Highway Design and Traffic Engineering 3 CETB322 & CETB412 NONE
CEWB423 Water Resources Engineering 3 CEWB222 & CEWB322 NONE
CEWB433 Urban Hydrology & Stormwater Engineering 3 CEWB222 & CEWB322 NONE
CEEB433 Solid Waste Management 3 CEEB313 NONE
CEGB483 GIS for Civil Engineering Applications 3 NONE NONE
CESB403 Computer Analysis and Design of Structures 3 CESB333 & CESB343 CESB423
CESB483 Repair, Assessment and Rehabilitation 3 COEB314 NONE
CEWB493 Dam Engineering 3 CEWB222 & CEWB322 NONE
MQA and University (Compulsory)
MALB113 Malay Language I 3 NONE NONE
ISLB112 / MORB112 Islamic / Moral Studies I 2 NONE NONE
ISLB122 / MORB122 Islamic / Moral Studies II 2 ISLB112 / MORB112 NONE
ISLB132 / MORB132 Islamic / Moral Studies III 2 ISLB122 / MORB122 NONE
MASB113 Malaysian Studies 3 NONE NONE
Literature and Sociology (Take any 1 subject)
LITB113 World Literature 3 NONE NONE
CIVB113 World Civilization 3 NONE NONE
PHIB113 World Philosophy 3 NONE NONE
RELB113 Comparative Religion 3 NONE NONE
Entry Requirements

STPM / A-Level / Foundation Program / UEC / Matriculation / Diploma /  equivalent

Intake Months

Feb, Jun, Sept

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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