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Diploma in Film Visual Effects

Offered by: The One Academy of Communication Design (TOA)
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Exam BodyInternal Diploma, The One Academy
Course Duration3 Years
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
FeesRefer to College
Fees (International Student)Refer to College
CampusBandar Sunway & Penang
FacultyFilm Visual Effects
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyDiploma Level
Field of StudyAudio-visual Techniques & Media Production
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Course Description

The One Academy (TOA), which has provided over 25 years of creative-education excellence through its “Masters Train Masters” practical, industry-driven philosophy, has achieved yet another historic milestone by offering its most exciting program yet – Diploma in Film Visual Effects.

Visual Effects (VFX) is an extremely crucial element in today’s Malaysian, Asian, and global media content creation. According to the, the top ten highest-grossing movies at the box office in this decade have significant VFX content. TOA has been collaborating with the Los-Angeles-based, Oscar-winning production company, Tau Films (previously known as Rhythm & Hues-Malaysia) whose works include Life of Pi (2012), The Golden Compass (2007), The Chronicles of Narnia (2005), and Night at the Museum (2006) and its education arm, The John Hughes Institute (JHI), Los Angeles.

Working together, TOA, JHI, and Tau Films present Diploma in Visual Effects program, featuring a full spectrum of intensive hands-on curriculum designed to equip the students of the program with the art and science of VFX by bringing Hollywood best-practices into the TOA classrooms using faculty who are working professionals from various disciplines of VFX in North America.



Visual Effects (VFX) Workflow Tracks
The Diploma in VFX program features multiple tracks/workflow of specialization to cater to specific needs of the state-of-the-art in the VFX production pipeline.

Creature Look Development Track
Workflow and pipeline for photorealistic/stylized CG creatures as well as associated props. (using Autodesk Maya; Foundry Mari; Substance Painter; Adobe Photoshop)

Rigging and Creature FX Track
Focus on technical and artistic aspects of rigging and creature effects/Technical Animation workflow in the animation and VFX pipeline.

Creature Animation Track
Workflow of creature animation focusing on photorealistic, animated performance for a wide range of creatures – bipeds, quadrupeds, and mythical/hyperreal. (Using Autodesk Maya)

Background Prep to Compositing Track
Plate preparation to compositing moving images, students get hands-on experience on assets that are created, implemented and manipulated in compositing. (Using Foundry Nuke)



• Adobe CC
• Autodesk Maya
• The Foundry NUKE X
• The Foundry MARI
• SideFX-Houdini
• Pixologic Z-Brush
• Substance Education – Substance Painter
• Autodesk Shotgun


Contextual Courses

• History of Art & Design
• History of Visual Effects
• Language & Communication Skills
• Malaysian Studies
• Business & Marketing
• Culture & Humanities
• Survey of S.E.A Art & Culture


Personal and Career Development

• Interpersonal Skills & Development Workshops
• Career Realities

Studio Courses

• Design Fundamentals
• Drawing
• Visual Communication
• Advanced Drawing
• Introduction to Digital Photography
• 3D Maya Essentials & Shader Development
• Basic Lighting and Compositing
• Business Marketing for VFX and Animation Pipeline
• Production Management: Production Pipeline Cinematography
• *Exploration and Critical Analysis of the films
• Studies in Visual Narratives for Time-Based Media
• Project Management for Production
• Production Tracking

Entry Requirements

Pass in SPM  With minimum 3 credits  Including a Pass in English, Bahasa Melayu & History

Intake Months

January, April, August

Career Prospects

After graduating, students may begin work in one of the following:


• VFX Production Studios
• Video Game Production Houses
• 2D / 3D Animation Production Studios
• VR / AR and Immersive-Media Studios
• Advertising Agencies / Design Studios
• TV / Film Pre-production / Previzualization Houses
• Scientific and Engineering Visualization
• Corporate In-House Design Departments
• Self-Startup Design, Animation, and Visualization Studio


Students pursue career paths in one or more of the following roles :


• Modeling Technical Director
• Rigging Technical Director
• Lighting Technical Director
• Lookdev Technical Director
• Animation Technical Director
• Technical Animation / Character FX Technical Director
• FX Technical Director
• Compositing Technical Director
• Plate Prep / Rotoscoping Technical Director
• Layout Technical Director
• Pipeline Technical Director
• Matte Painter
• Environments Artist
• Concept Artist
• Texture Artist
• Previz / Postviz Artist
• VFX Production Coordinator
• Art Director
• Comic Artist

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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