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Careers in the time of Covid-19

by on June 18, 2020 | Top Stories, Career Guide

Careers in the time of Covid-19 -

While this is a trying time for many of us, let’s look at what career opportunities are still in demand according to JobStreet Malaysia.

Finding a career that’s still in demand

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about significant changes in the way we go about our lives. It’s undeniable that many are facing challenges in their career, and some may have even experienced a complete loss of their livelihood. But if you’re wondering which career prospects out there are still in demand, here are five job roles that are still highly sought after according to JobStreet Malaysia.

To discover which careers could suit you, have a look at the RIASEC code and work style of these jobs. Find out what your RIASEC code is here.

Job type RIASEC code Work style
Software engineer / developer Investigative, Conventional, Realistic Those who are suited to this job are careful about detail and are good at analytical thinking and problem solving. They are dependable, adaptable and willing to take on challenges.
Marketing executive / manager Enterprising, Conventional Marketing executives are reliable and adaptable; they’re and willing to lead, take charge and take on responsibilities. They enjoy setting goals and achieving them.
Business Development Manager Enterprising, Conventional Like marketing executives, business development managers are reliable and adaptable; they’re and willing to lead, take charge and take on responsibilities. They enjoy setting goals and achieving them.
Network / Systems engineer Investigative, Realistic, Conventional Network/ Systems engineers are good at analysing information, paying attention to detail, and using logic to address work-related issues and problems. They are innovative, persistent and adaptable.
Nurse Social, Investigative, Conventional Nurses are careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks. They are honest, cooperative and dependable. They’re understanding and sensitive to others' needs and feelings.

Looking for a temporary job or additional income?

Some of us may have had to go on unpaid leave or have our work hours reduced. Getting a second job might provide you with some additional income, or maybe you need temporary work right now.

According to, these jobs provide a supplementary income with minimal experience required. Find out which options suit your interests and personality best.

Job type RIASEC code Work style
Security guard/officer Realistic, Conventional, Enterprising Those who are suited to this job are good at listening and pay attention to detail. They are also dependable, cooperative and have good self-control.
Logistics and warehousing Enterprising, Conventional Logistics and warehouse workers and managers are dependable and have good attention to detail. They have work integrity, tolerate stress well and are able to use logic and reasoning to solve problems.
Clinic assistant Social, Conventional, Realistic Clinic assistants are good listeners and communicators. They are perceptive towards others, dependable and have good attention to detail.
Cleaner and general worker Realistic, Conventional Cleaners and general workers must be able to perform physical activities and work independently with minimal supervision. They are dependable and have good attention to detail.

Could a change in industry offer better opportunities?

Is this a good time for a career change? When faced with fewer opportunities in your industry, you might want to change your industry instead of your job role.

According to, these are the top 3 industries still hiring.

Industries still hiring Examples of jobs in this industry
IT IT programmer, software developer, IT analyst, platform developer, IT security consultant, IT business analyst, IT executive, e-commerce specialist, IT system support, database administrator, IT lecturer, information security manager, applications developer, IT risk manager
Banking Customer service executive, relationship manager, wealth associate, banking insurance sales, analysts, business development manager, credit risk manager, personal banker, insurance advisor, mortgage consultant, unit trust consultant, broker, remisier, collection and recovery officer
Manufacturing  Project engineer, sales executive, maintenance technician, production technician/ manager, quality assurance executive/ manager, buyer, purchasing manager, quality control engineer, industrial engineer, food processing operator, machinist, logistics manager, factory/ plant manager, manufacturing manager, test development manager, R&D manager


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