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Achieve Dreamy Interiors with Laminates

February 1, 2019 | Campus News

Students flocking the material exhibition after the talk.

The One Academy’s School of Interior Architecture and Design has once again conducted ID Material Day, this time featuring Lamitak – the key brand of high pressure laminates by TAK Products and Services established in 2001 in Singapore. The session was conducted by Lamitak’s Domestic Sales team featuring its speakers Henry Tan and Aera Neo, and overlooked by Dr. Eric Leong, Department Head of Interior Architecture and Design.

Adhering to The One Academy’s teaching philosophy of “Masters Train Masters”, industry professionals are periodically invited to share their expertise in relevant matters. ID Material Day allows interior design students to be informed of the latest innovations in product, method, idea and more. This initiative ensures that students will be able to equip themselves with the additional information and inspiration to aid in their studies and assignments.

Anchored by its tagline “Inspiring Spaces”, Lamitak aims to inspire owners of abodes and spaces to fulfil their desire for dream interiors. It has offices and representations in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Myanmar, Australia, New Zealand, Maldives, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. It has achieved GREENGUARD certification for indoor air quality, and Green Label Singapore certification for low emissions and low toxicity.

A mood board from the exhibition featuring artäk, a subsidiary brand of TAK.

Lamitak laminates are well known for its wide range of designs and finishes, as well as superior surface quality and ultimate performance. It boasts an endless array of 455 laminate patterns in glossy, suede, textured and matte finishes for living and working spaces. The Lamitak team goes through great lengths, venturing across the world in their bid to find inspirations for their laminate designs through the process of documenting colour, culture and textures.

Lamitak laminates are designed to look and feel like materials such as woods, stones, fabrics and metals. Hence, they are an affordable, low-cost alternative when compared to the actual materials which can often cost many times more. Laminates are made of layers of craft paper soaked in resin and bonded under high heat and pressure, they followed by a layer of décor paper and finally an overlay.

“The goal of this talk is to show how laminates are made, its composition, and how it is applied in interior design. Laminates is a useful tool in interior design because of its decorative functions that can be applied to featuring areas,” said Henry Tan, adding that it can be applied to wardrobes, cabinets, panels, ceilings and furniture to jazz up their overall look.

The students were provided booklet catalogues and samples of various types of laminates, and were educated on the attributes as well as advantages of using laminates. They were briefed on how inspirations are found and how pieces are designed. It was an eye-opener to see how laminates can complement the look of a space or simply to make a bold statement. The audience was also entertained by video clips that showed the steps in producing laminates, as well as applying and cleaning of laminates.

An exhibition was set-up after the talk, where students had visited to browse the materials and have their inquiries answered by representatives from Lamitak. Overall, it was a fun and knowledgeable session where the students got to widen their understanding and gain inspiration for future projects.

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