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The One Academy of Communication Design (TOA)

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Institution Profile

About Us

In 1991, The One Academy of Communication Design was established as a private art college to address the acute shortage of properly trained creative professionals, and soon proved its worth by producing industry-standard graduates. Since its humble beginning as a double-storey shop lot establishment in Bandar Sunway, it has come a long way and moved its headquarters into a 25-storey campus building with upgraded facilities and amenities. With the demand for creative education steadily increasing, it expanded with the opening of The One Academy Penang. 

The One Academy of Communication Design

Today, as a world-class, award-winning creative education institution, The One Academy is reputed in transforming students into highly reliable professionals who enjoy rewarding careers internationally and excel in the areas of arts, creative and technology through any of our internationally-recognized Bachelor's Degree and Diploma-level courses.

Programme Outline

The One Academy is an MQA-accredited college with Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status that aims to nurture quality homegrown talents; offering top-notch diploma and degree courses in Computer Science, Game Design, Digital Animation (with Game Development), Film Visual Effects (VFX), Digital Media Design, Illustration (Movie & Game Art), Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making and Fine Arts.

We also offer 3+0 UK bachelor’s degree programmes in partnership with one of the top-ranked universities in the UK, the University of Hertfordshire, where aspiring youths will be able to pursue an excellent UK design education locally. We have collaborated with DigiPen USA, a pioneer in the international game technology to provide international-standard diploma courses in the fields of Computer Science and Game Design. In addition, we also formed official affiliations with reputable design universities and colleges in the UK, US, Australia, the US and more, providing wider selections for our graduates to further their studies. 

The One Academy of Communication Design

Academic Resources & Facilities

As a leading creative education institute, we ensure optimum creative education is given to our students through the practice of our teaching philosophy “Masters Train Masters”, where we believe each educator must possess relevant industry knowledge to produce excellent graduates. Besides that, we also ensure students are constantly exposed to real-life industry practices through various masterclasses and sharing sessions with renowned artists and creative experts. This allows our students to get both theoretical and practical knowledge of the creative field. Our academic staff consists of top industry experts who have made a name for themselves in the local and international creative scenes. On campus, students have access to facilities and amenities that mirror industry standards to provide the most conducive learning environment for them. These include a motion capture studio, Fab Lab, auditorium, art gallery, drawing studio, cafeteria, library, photography and videography studios, several computer labs and more. 

The One Academy of Communication Design

Student Support Services

There are many services offered to the students here to ensure their time with us is truly worthwhile. We offer accommodations for students to live nearby the college as well as shuttle bus services to make travelling to and fro the college easy. Besides that, we also provide student counselling services and host a number of social clubs. The One Club here comprises of various sporting and social activities that are available for the students to partake in, e.g. Badminton, Bowling, Futsal, Basketball, Table Tennis, Dance, Photography, Entrepreneurship, Cosplay, Music Club and more. To empower students’ voices, we have the Student Representative Council who are committed to make fellow students’ academic years a positive and enriching experience.

Student Development Activities for Employability

At The One Academy, we take pride in ensuring our students are ready to take on the industry the moment they graduate from the institution. A big part in making this happen is opening the right doors for them while they are learning with us. We hold various exhibitions during which external companies and the public are invited to come and view students’ work; this not only gives them the chance to exhibit their talent and skills but also allows them to connect with potential employers. Besides that, we regularly hold sharing sessions and masterclasses during which students get the opportunity to refine their skills and understand what is expected of them upon entering the industry, creating a smooth and easy transition from college to industry life.

The One Academy of Communication Design

The Student Experience

To further inspire students, The One Academy features exhibitions and establishes many real-life working experiences. For example, Digital Animation and Illustration students were involved in various local and international competitions which allow them to showcase their skills such as the The Rookies, DigiCon6 Asia and Asiagraph. For Advertising students, they worked on projects with established brands, gain exposure on latest trends in the industry and also participate in the nation’s prestigious Kancil Awards. For Fine Arts, students worked on painting projects and hold their art exhibition on campus. Fashion Design students collaborated with Disney/Pixar for various events and work as a team to organize their own graduation fashion show. For Digital Media Design students, they organized Malaysia’s first ever Arduino World event, interactive light exhibition iNYALA and collaborated with the British Council.

Recognition and Accreditation

We were named World's No. 1 Best Production Excellence in Game Design & Development (Immersive Media), World's No. 2 Best Product Design School, World's No. 3 Best Creative Media and Entertainment School & World's No. 3 Best Concept Art & Illustration School by The Rookies in 2022. The One Academy was?also ranked 8th by Animation Career Review (ACR) in the?‘Top 25 International Animation Training Programs – 2021 School Rankings’ and named Creative School of the Year (2018, 2019, 2022 & 2023), Lecturer of the Year and Student of the Year in the Kancil Awards 2023, Malaysia’s top advertising awards.

The One Academy of Communication Design

Scholarship and Financial Aid

Each year, we organise the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artists Awards during which a number of scholarships are given out to deserving young talents each year. To date, millions of ringgit worth of scholarships have been given out since the inception of this award. Interested applicants can keep an eye out on our MT10 website (www.top10.toa.edu.my) for more details on this secondary school nationwide art competition.  

Why study in our institution?

The One Academy is a leading art, design, creativity and technology college where students’ achievements and providing quality education has always been our topmost priority. Receiving international recognition for our efforts, we provide unmatched creative education through our “Masters Train Masters” teaching philosophy and an exceptional team of educators.


MyQuest 5 Stars (International Student Services Category) 2014/2015
MyQuest 5 Stars (College Based Category) 2016/2017
MyQuest 4 Stars (Cluster Based Category for Art and Humanities) 2016/2017
MyQuest 5 Stars (College Based Category) 2018/2019

Courses Offered

Click on a programme name for full details.

Pre-University/Foundation Studies
Foundation in Communication Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 semesters
Foundation in Interior Architecture Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 semesters
Certificate Level
Certificate in Communication Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 4 semesters
Diploma Level
Diploma in Advertising & Graphic Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Computer Science
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Digital Animation
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Digital Media Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Fashion Design & Pattern Making ESMOD
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Film Visual Effects
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Fine Arts
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Game Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 Years
Diploma in Illustration
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Diploma in Interior Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 3 years
Bachelor's Degree Level
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Digital Media Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 4 years
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Graphic Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 4 years
Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design
Fees (Local): Refer to College
Duration: 4 years

Active Scholarships

Latest Achievement News

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    The Rookie Awards is the world’s largest and most prestigious competition for aspiring creatives in games, animation, visual effects, immersive media, motion graphics and 3D visualisation. It is regarded as the most respected rankings for education...
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Key Personnel

Tatsun Hoi Tack Seng

Founder & Principal, The One Academy of Communication Design (TOA)

“Creative education is on the rise with more individuals pursuing their studies in this industry. The One Academy is an established institute with over three decades of experience in producing industry-ready graduates. Our coaching philosophy “Masters Train Masters” has produced consistent results repeatedly, ensuring that students not only get some of the best creative education around, but are taught by top-notch industry professionals who have years of experience. The faculty members at our esteemed institution are made up of both local and international talents who have made a name for themselves in the creative industry with their skills and passion.

Here, we offer a wide variety of creative courses catering to many levels such as Foundation, Diploma and Degree. Courses offered are in Digital Animation (with Game Development), Film Visual Effects, Illustration (Movie & Game Art), Digital Media Design, Advertising & Graphic Design, Interior Design, Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making, Fine Arts, Computer Design and Game Design. The One Academy also partnered with various universities in the UK, Australia and the USA to provide students the opportunity of completing their studies abroad.

Graduates from The One Academy have gone on to achieve immense success in the creative industry. Our graduates have been selected and hired by many renowned companies such as Ubisoft, Pixar, PlayStation, TBWA\, Apple, Grey Worldwide, Tau Films, Lemon Sky Studios and loads more. Having recently been ranked World’s No.1 Best Production Excellence in Game Design & Development (Immersive Media) by The Rookies International in 2022 and honoured as Creative School of the Year for four consecutive years in the Kancil Awards, we are now more determined than ever to keep enabling many talented youths to obtain success. So take a step and join us on the path to making your creative future dream a reality!”

Tatsun Hoi is a creative strategist and entrepreneur who is also the Founder and Principal of The One Academy, one of the world’s best creative art & design institutes. Besides that, he is also the Founder and Managing Director of The One Group, comprising The One Academy, One Creative Development Centre, Tatsun Studio and Tatsun Integrated. For over 33 years in the creative industry to date, Tatsun has been a well-acclaimed educator, renowned for his consistency in heightening creative education in Malaysia. During the decade prior to founding The One Academy in 1991, he felt that there is a lack of talent as well as substandard level of training in the communication design industry. He wanted to prove wrong the misguided belief that ‘creativity cannot be taught’.

Throughout his career, Tatsun has been a role model who has demonstrated exemplary leadership and also actively involved in community projects. One of his most recognisable efforts is the Malaysian Unity Campaign which he initiated back in 1997 when the country was rocked by internal and external threats during the economic crisis. He created a campaign to remind all Malaysians to stay united in order to overcome all impending threats. The animation was aired over NTV7 and RTM for six months.

At the age of 29, Tatsun became the youngest principal among all colleges in the Malaysian education industry when he founded The One Academy together with prominent creative consultant, the late Veronica Ho. It is his mission to make Malaysia the creative and educational centre of excellence since the college’s establishment, having successfully imparted his knowledge and expertise to over tens of thousands of students through practical, result-driven professional syllabus.

He is also committed to promoting locally nurtured art & design talents, grooming them to reach international levels in the creative fields of advertising & graphic design, digital media design, visual effects, fashion design, interior architecture & design, digital animation, fine arts, illustration, computer science and game design worldwide.

He imparts his wisdom to prepare students to know all about strategic practical applications of creativity in the global market. To date, the graduates are now among the best creative leaders working for the best names such as Pixar Animation Studios, Ubisoft, Lucasfilm, Leo Burnett, TBWA\, Ogilvy & Mather, Grey Worldwide and many more. The art and design industry has greatly benefited from the teaching philosophy he initiated – “Masters Train Masters”.

Student Testimonials

Koo Xi Qing, Malaysia

Diploma in Visual Effects

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: May 2021 – Aug 2024 [Year 3 Semester 1]
Year enrolled: May 2021

I’ve learnt a lot from the course assignments and slowly building up my industrial skills. I got the chance to learn the full pipeline in producing a live action movie as we were given the opportunity to produce our own group short film. I’ve made many friends during club activities and organized some events as part of the Student Council. I’m really thankful to all the lecturers and friends that helped me throughout my study.

Wong Joey, Malaysia

Diploma in Digital Media Design

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: Year 2, Semester 1
Year Enrolled: January 2023

The school offers top-notch courses and lecturers who provide 1-on-1 guidance, fostering our development. Despite the heavy workload, it's immensely enriching. Starting from scratch, I've made significant progress in a year. The institute's facilities are excellent, with the student lounge being my favourite spot for doing assignments. I'm passionate about my major as it offers diverse skill acquisition, making learning enjoyable.

Tan Xin Yi, Malaysia

Diploma in Digital Animation – Specialization in CG Modeling

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: May 2021 - April 2024 [Year 3 Semester 3]
Year enrolled: May 2021

Studying at The One Academy offers a vibrant and enriching experience. From its state-of-the-art facilities to its dedicated faculty, every aspect fosters creativity and growth. The collaborative atmosphere encourages us to explore our artistic potential while forming lifelong friendships. Whether it's engaging workshops, inspiring guest lectures, or hands-on projects, every day brings new opportunities for learning and personal development. The supportive community and nurturing environment truly makes my experience here a memorable and rewarding journey.

Pattarawadee Saiyawongse, Thailand

Diploma in Visual Effects

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: September 2022 – May 2024 [Year 2 Semester 2]
Year enrolled: September 2022

I had previously taken several art lessons, but my development was stagnant. However, at this institution, I experienced an improvement in my own transformation. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. Despite the fact that all tasks are challenging me all the time, they help to improve my skills so much. The lecturers offered guidance and assisted me in bringing my ideas into the work in the manner that I desired.

Louisa Shannon Tara, Indonesia

Diploma in Digital Animation - Specialization in Animation

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: January 2021 - April 2024 [Year 3 Semester 3]
Year enrolled: January 2021

Throughout my 3 years here, I can say that it has been a very enlightening experience. There are many challenges along the way with courses, assignments, and projects, but with nearly every one of them I learn something new and gain a skill that could be useful to me in the future. The lecturers are also very inspiring and supportive, which really drives my passion in animating and makes me enjoy my work even more.

Milia binti Mahadzir, Malaysia

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: Year 2, Semester 2
Year enrolled: 2022

Studying at The One Academy for my degree has been an incredible journey. The lecturers bring so much passion and expertise during classes, which really eased my learning process. I had a great time learning with my supportive and wonderful classmates. I learned many new things while studying here, it definitely helped me a lot to find my true colours and allowed me to further improve myself as a better designer.

Jeslyne Tania, Indonesia

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: Year 2, Semester 2
Year enrolled: 2022

So far, my experience has been great. Even as an international student, I feel welcomed and get to meet and make friends with many people. I have received a lot of opportunities to learn and experience various things as a student, and the curriculum itself trains students to a standard similar to that of the industry, so the lessons are quite insightful as it trains us for our future as designers within the industry.

Mohamed Izan Hassan, Maldives

Diploma in Digital Media Design

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: Year 3, Semester 3
Year enrolled: 2021

Studying at The One Academy has been very rewarding. The Diploma in Digital Media Design course offers a broad range of skills. The lecturers use effective teaching methods, surpassing my initial expectations of what I would learn. Moreover, the classes are comprehensive and in depth. The time and effort I’ve spent on my classes have been invaluable as I’ve seen the quality of my work significantly improve since the start of my course.

Suryani Fortunata Ongko, Indonesia

Foundation in Interior Architecture Design, Semester 3

Despite venturing in the art field for just a year, my artistic skills tremendously improved thanks to The One Academy's marvellous resources and training. It is an eye-opening experience to be exposed to such a wonderful and diverse environment of designers and artists, which motivates me to continuously improve myself. I am forever grateful to my lecturers who have guided me through this challenging journey and shown me what the world of design truly is.

Eunike Dame Primera Siagian (Unique/Kike), Indonesia

Diploma in Digital Animation, Year 3 (Specialization in Animation)

When I majored in Digital Animation, my first thought was wanting to work at PIXAR or a Europe-based studio. However, I've now seen that in Malaysia, there are amazing studios that create good animations and inspired me a lot! It’s been a passionate journey of improving my art sense; I made good progress and received feedback from lecturers to enhance my animation. Overall, even through the trials and busy schedules, I really enjoy studying here.

Kuan Yue Tong

Diploma in Digital Animation, Year 3

This course has allowed me to pursue my dreams in animation. The One Academy has trained us to have a strong sense of art and I am able to create the things I visualise with my creativity. As the Art Director in my final year project, I’m able to show my strong points and manage a team of 40 people while learning new things, thus gaining a valuable experience to prepare us for the industry. 

Wong Jie Ming

Diploma in Interior Design, Year 2

The study material of the programme is meticulously structured to supply students with a firm foundation in design principles while acquiring ways to execute them in a professional setting with a programme that emphasises practical abilities and real-world application. With an emphasis on interior architecture, students have the opportunity to possess multiple skill sets. The course also provides multiple opportunities for students to get involved in actual tasks, enhancing their unique insights, connections and portfolios.

Teo Ee Sean, Malaysia

Diploma in Interior Design, Year 3

Course Duration: 3 Year
Period of Study: 2018 – 2021
Year enrolled: 2018

I would like to thank The One Academy for providing me with a platform and opportunity to learn. These past years, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills at The One Academy. Dr Eric and the team of lecturers not only equip us with crucial skills and knowledge but most importantly provide us with support, guidance and keep inspiring us to never stop learning.

Lee Leong Ping, Malaysia

BA (Hons) Interior Architecture and Design, Year 1

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: 2020 – 2023
Year enrolled: 2020

The One Academy provides a very conducive environment for me to study in, such as computer labs, library, drafting room and more. Also, my lecturers are kind and are always willing to help when I have any issues. I am glad to study at TOA and I hope my skills can advance to higher levels in the future.

Jennifer Lin, Indonesia

Diploma in Interior Design, Year 2

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: 2019 – 2022
Year enrolled: 2019

College is an experience of a lifetime they say. The lecturers and friends in Interior Design were the best and most lovely. Although the assignments given are quite a lot and often challenging, these have taught me a lot of things and trained my skills. At first, I do not even have any digital or drawing skills at all, but now I have learned a lot of new things and I will keep learning.

Vanessa Wuditia, Indonesia

Diploma in Interior Design, Year 2

Course Duration: 3 Years
Period of Study: 2019 – 2022
Year enrolled: 2019

Learning at The One Academy is always creative and inspiring. Joining this community has creatively changed me. Trough observation practices that have been applied, I’ve started to appreciate more things in life, not just the big ones, but also the little ones. Every design and technical courses have trained me to properly express and deliver my ideas. I'm grateful to be able to go through my design journey with this community.

Soo Zhi Jing, Malaysia

BA (Hons) Digital Media Design, Final Year

Course Duration: 4 years
Period of Study: May 2017 - May 2021
Year enrolled: 2017

Studying at The One Academy has been eye-opening and mentally stimulating. The education here taught me the challenging art of always taking ideas a little further and pushing one’s abilities. I learnt to grasp the sense of professionalism and teamwork required of a designer through project-based assignments. I have a good learning experience with lecturers who are very responsive and helpful. There was a ton of assignments, but looking back, it was worthwhile.

Filisa Christie Andani, Indonesia

Diploma in Digital Media Design, Year 2

Course Duration: 3 years
Period of Study: 2019 - 2022
Year enrolled: 2019

Malaysia is a friendly country and great place to study, as the living cost here is similar to where I’m from. The One Academy is a recommended school in terms of art course and has great teaching modules. The lecturers are very open and resourceful because they give personal consultations, do progress checks and often provide external materials for reference. Although I am the only foreigner in class, I feel welcomed and comfortable here.

Abdullah Boges, Saudi Arabia

Digital Animation

I found out about The One Academy through the Internet. During the search, I found a website which rated The One Academy very highly compared to other design art schools in the country. After getting catalogs from the college, I was simply amazed by the students’ artwork.

The One Academy is like my second home now—it’s really part of my life. I find living in Malaysia and studying in The One Academy a cool mix.

Mohamed Sathom, Republic of Maldives

Illustration & Comics

The One Academy doesn’t just teach you about techniques, but also passion for art, how to grow in the field and ways to develop your own art sense. That’s one of the major reasons I enjoy studying here. I have met new people of different races and cultural backgrounds here and I enjoy learning, being inspired and working with them too.

John Akpan Eyo, Nigeria

Interior Design

The One Academy is a nice place to study. They provide quality education, include most needed facilities and employ good lecturers and provide a good learning environment. Malaysia is a nice place to study with beautiful tourist attractions. I want to encourage more Nigerians to study with The One Academy as the academy has what it takes to mold students into self-employed leaders after and even before graduation.

Benjamin Encarnacion, Philippines

Multimedia Design

I feel that learning doesn’t end after graduation but involves continuous evolution and adaptation. The One Academy provides us with a solid foundation that enables us to shape the very essence of what multimedia is when we become creators of content ourselves.

Would I encourage others to study here? Definitely!

Doreen shuk Bekenova, Indonesia

Advertising and Graphic Design

Malaysia is quite an interesting place because we can meet many people from different countries, races and backgrounds. I would recommend my friends to study here at The One Academy because it’s a wonderful experience to exchange cultures and thoughts with people here as you become exposed to many different languages.

Billy Wen Hao, Shanghai, China

Diploma in Multimedia Design

Strong teamwork for a common purpose is essential for success.

Youth cultures around the world today are similar. What I like about this place is the two-way process of sharing, the exchange of knowledge, ideas and suggestions among coursemates at The One Academy.

Rezaliando, Indonesia

Diploma in Multimedia Design

Multimedia design is beyond having fun. It’s having the power to push for new boundaries.

To be a good multimedia designer, you need a conducive place to explore new knowledge and get great guidance. For me, I’ve certainly improved tremendously since the day I joined this college.

Donna Harapan, Indonesia

Multimedia Design, 2nd year

The programmes here are interesting and mainly hands-on, which makes them fun and enjoyable. The lecturers here really work you hard, therefore I learnt a lot in a relatively short period. The advantage of being in Bandar Sunway is that it is not only convenient; it also means we are practically living in a creative resource centre, where the vibrant city provides us our research and a source of inspiration.

Christopher Gunawan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Multimedia Design - 3 years

I joined The One Academy because it is known to be the best around. Working together with cross-cultural Asian friends here is a new learning experience for me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others. I wouldn’t mind to becoming a lecturer here one day!

Yang Qin, Guang Zhou, China

Digital Animation - 3 years

I was studying law in a university in China before switching over to The One Academy. The atmosphere here is so youthfully vibrant and lively, and not dark and dull like some other institutions. Here, I really enjoy the group projects and the experience of being a team player.

Yang Hai E, Shanghai, China

Multimedia Design, 3 years

I have a university degree majoring in multimedia and already planned to further my studies in Germany, but once I saw the creations of The One Academy students, I knew I had to study here! I am impressed with the concept and designs taught here, and even more impressed with the independence and initiative of my course mates.

Watanabe Noriko, Kobe

Japan, Advertising Design - 3 years

I have compared the major institutions for creative education in Malaysia and found that The One Academy is the best. It sets very high standards in teaching quality and student development. In addition, the lecturers here are very supportive and helpful towards all students. The coursework is very interesting and fun-filled, I’ve certainly learnt a lot. Ever since I joined this place, my English has improved, too.

Dewi, Indonesia

Multimedia Design, 3rd Year

I am happy to be able to prepare myself for the world through solid and practical guidance from the very best in the industry. Creativity is more than a catchphrase here, but an amazingly functional advantage that will mould a highly-demanded professional.

Isabel Kang Zhu Jiao, China

Advertising & Graphic Design, 2nd Year

The One Academy has a stimulating and pleasantly designed environment that no one institute in this region can provide. This makes it very conducive for my creative growth. It is also easy to mix with the cosmopolitan student population here, and everyone here has positive attitude in learning and sharing.

Oky Indrajaya, Indonesia

Advertising & Graphic Design

Studying in another country is an invaluable experience for me. I was working as a designer in China when I realised that I was wanting in many aspects and there were so many things that I needed to master. It was then that I was presented with the chance to study in Malaysia. Today, I am in the final term of my Advertising and Graphic Design major, but my ability and creativity have improved by leaps and bounds. The One Academy also gives its students many hands-on learning opportunities. Being appointed as an Art Director in the Graduation Campaign project, I am even more prepared than ever to take on the challenges of the region’s creative industry. There’s no doubt in my mind - if you want to be a professional designer, The One Academy is definitely the place to be.

Oliver Halbauer, Germany

Bachelor in Management

In the short span of time that I am with The One Academy, I noticed that the lecturers here are professional and very talented. The lecturers are also always on hand to give personal advice whenever students face any problems. They have become friends and mentors to us as well. We know that whenever we encounter any problems we can turn to them, especially when we are so new in this country.

Ng Pui Yan

Design Major in Advertising & Graphic Design

The One Academy opened a whole new world of discovery and technique by including in-depth training on topics such as history and culture. We studied and compared Western and Eastern art, explored our roots and got a clearer picture of how advertising has evolved internationally and locally. It gave us so much more to think about. The syllabus was designed to help make us all-rounders who would be masters of technical skills, problem solving, researching, articulate presentation and dedicated team playing.

Delphine Saira Gomez

Design Major in Advertising & Graphic Design (Alumni Student)

I have worked on projects for the government, private corporations and merchandising firms. Each client has his or her own needs and it's important to listen to them to ensure customer satisfaction. It is also important that designers have their own ideas and style. There is an unfortunate tendency to stick to the tried and true instead of coming up with original ideas. This needs to change. You must believe that you can come up with something better, something new. I am very grateful to the lecturers in The One Academy for the excellent guidance which has led me to success.

Eric Wong

Design Major in Illustration

I set very high expectations for myself. If I'm not satisfied with the work I produce, I'll spend extra time improving or re-doing it. The result is something I can be proud of and that is what matters. Of course, a good learning attitude is important. Whatever you do, give it your best. Your future is what you put in now. It's in your hands and it's up to you to achieve what you want; others cannot do it for you. I chose The One Academy because it produces the best students.

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