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ESMOD KL Graduation Fashion Show 2019 Showcasing Exquisite Designs By Creative Talents

August 21, 2019 | Campus News

(front from right) Liew Hung Yi, ‘Best Fashion Design’ award; Nadine Hesham, ‘Golden Needle Award’; Goh Jian Chang, ‘Best Pattern Making’ award. Standing at the back is ESMOD KL team, panel of judges from the fashion industry and models.

The ESMOD Kuala Lumpur’s graduating batch is back with a stellar fashion show lined up to showcase their masterpieces. The event which happened on 17th August 2019 at Level 1, The One Academy saw to numerous amazing outfits designed and created by the young fashion designers themselves.

An outfit designed by Yim Inn Yann.

The fashion show was made up of students of the Paris Fashion Design and Pattern Making course who conceptualized their pieces based on the theme, ‘Zeitgeist’ which signifies the spirit of time. In German, ‘zeit’ means time whereas ‘geist’ signifies spirit. Zeitgeist, or the spirit of time, is incarnated through the collections of FD1609. Each budding fashion designer presented their own interpretation of the 21st century by highlighting what is most essential to them through intricate designs and inspiring fashion. The team behind ‘Zeitgeist’ consisted of 14 fashion designers who have put their best foot forward in coming up with 66 outfits designed spectacularly.

Upon graduation, these young talents will go out to take the fashion world by storm and this fashion show serves as a prelude to their talents and creativity. In previous years, the past ESMOD KL graduation fashion shows have been a stunning success and we aim to continue providing a platform for the students to proudly exhibit their hard work and knowledge earned over the years. The panel of judges is made up of several notable names in the industry such as fashion designers Bon Zainal, Jymmy Wong, Khoon Hooi and Carven Ong.

During the ESMOD KL graduation fashion show, the ESMOD Paris Head of Fashion Design, Paul Marchand, on behalf of ESMOD International, awarded a few prestigious accolades to the top students as a token of appreciation and to honour their hard work thus far. These students were nominated by their lecturers for their exemplary effort throughout their journey at ESMOD KL.

An outfit designed by Nadine Hesham, recipient of the Golden Needle Award.

The winner of the ‘Best Pattern Making’ award is Goh Jian Chang. His collection ‘I’m home’ was inspired by the homeless to show that even though they are apart from the society, they have a community that will help each other. The ‘Best Fashion Design’ award was received by Liew Hung Yi for his collection ‘Is This life? Or Theatre?’. Inspired by the paintings of Charlotte Salomon and The Diary of A Little Girl by Anne Frank, this collection is designed from the perspective of a kid’s imagination and follows the idea of finding life’s meaning in an imperfect world.

“ESMOD KL has a good reputation and I think they are the best in Malaysia. That's why I chose to study there,” said Goh Jian Chang on his preferred choice on fashion education.

“For people who are interested in fashion design, I think you should definitely give it a try to see if you like it. Be creative, be fun and try it, you only live once,” Liew Hung Yi advised to those who are keen in fashion.

The biggest award of the night, the coveted ‘Golden Needle Award’, was bestowed upon Nadine Hesham. This prestigious award of a pure gold needle made into a necklace is presented by ESMOD International to top students who have shown an exemplary attitude and to honour their achievements throughout their time at ESMOD Kuala Lumpur. Her collection ‘Nine’ was inspired by the definition of femininity, capturing how all women are feminine at heart but the way they choose to express their feminine side is up to each woman even if it doesn’t match up with society’s idea of femininity.

An outfit designed by Goh Jian Chang, winner of the ‘Best Pattern Making’ award.

“Always be confident in your stuff and never waste time,” offered Nadine Hesham as advice for accomplishing one’s goals.

It is easy to see that the future is indeed bright for these young fashion designers as they have created not only amazing pieces of fashion but also exceptional works of art in their masterpieces. The next step in their journey to success is to undergo an internship under some of the biggest names in the fashion industry to further enhance their skills. This has been practice under the ESMOD program in collaboration with ESMOD International over the years.

Our heartiest gratitude to the great sponsors Private Color and Make Up For Ever for helping us pull off yet another spectacular ESMOD KL graduation fashion show.

Indeed, students of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur are always encouraged to challenge themselves by participating in competitions that expose them to real life industry practice to put to test what they have already learnt from ESMOD Kuala Lumpur, which is under the umbrella of the world’s first and oldest fashion school in the world with over 170 years of history! As one of the leading fashion design institutions in the country, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur pledges to provide the best education programme and continues to nurture its students passionately through the world class intensive course of ESMOD Fashion Design & Pattern Making.

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