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Do you want to be an Engineer? – Find out more!

by on November 23, 2021 | Top Stories

Do you want to be an Engineer? – Find out more! -

As the world gravitates towards the era of digital technology, more students may contemplate becoming engineers by taking up engineering courses.

You may need help to find out whether you are cut out for engineering and if you are, STUDYMALAYSIA would like to enlighten you on the various types of engineering courses available for further studies.

STUDYMALAYSIA has produced the following resources and services as a career planning tool to assist students like you. We hope to provide the wings to your dreams.

STUDYMALAYSIA has published the "myCOURSE Guide" for students to discover courses at the tertiary level. This guidebook introduces students to the 27 fields of study and the sub-fields thereunder. You can access this information online at

Among these 27 fields is the field of "Engineering and Engineering Trades" which has generated a lot of interest among students hoping to carve out a niche for themselves in the digital and technological world as we advance into the era of IR4.0.

STUDYMALAYSIA has put together some information which students would like to know before making a career choice in Engineering. Some of the useful information that you would find useful, can be seen below:

1. Engineering and Engineering Trades

Sub-fields under this field include:

  • Chemical Engineering and Processes
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electricity and Energy
  • Electronics and Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanics and Metal Trades
  • Motor Vehicles, Ships and Aircraft Engineering
  • Material Engineering

To learn more about engineering fields and to access a list of courses offered under this field, you can refer to the link here by

Which Engineering Discipline for You?

Engineering is an extensive subject and with so many types of engineering to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down among all the sub-fields to which one is for you. To help you decide, you should try and identify what you are passionate about.

Here is one example. To know more about Mechanical Engineering you can refer to our article “So You Wanna Be A Mechanical Engineer” by clicking onto the link here.

2. Occupation Videos About Different Careers under STEM

STUDYMALAYSIA has also compiled a series of career videos from CareerOneStop web-portal on “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics” for students’ viewing. Click onto the link here and view the videos on Mechanical Engineer or any other Engineer profession of your choice.

By watching the videos, students will better understand the nature of different occupations and the skills they entail.

3. "Knowing My Interests"

It is of utmost importance to choose a course or career path that matches your interests and skill set, as well as your overall life goals. You will also have to consider prospective careers and employment opportunities.

STUDYMALAYSIA has drawn up a “Know Yourself” Course-Interest-Test which is a self-directed activity to help you find out where your interest lies. Try our Course-Interest-Test @ to find out whether the engineering field you have chosen is the best fit for you.

Once students have identified their course of study, the next step is to find out the institutions of higher learning that offer this course, their fees and information on scholarships available. Any further information you may need, STUDYMALAYSIA is there for you! Go to

4. Professional Registration

If you are interested to be an engineer, here is the information on how to become a practising engineer in Malaysia.

Engineering is a profession. An engineer is regulated by the Registration of Engineers Act 1967 (Revised 2002).

To become a practising engineer you have to be Professionally Registered. Professional registration shows employers, peers and the public that you have spent a number of years developing your skills, confidence, knowledge and understanding within your field and have clearly demonstrated your competence and commitment to developing yourself professionally.

Professional registration is your licence to practise your profession with pride and confidence. As an engineer to be professionally registered helps to improve your career prospects and employability. You will have higher earning potential, enhanced social status and international recognition of competence and commitment.

A practising professional engineer in Malaysia needs to possess the Professional Engineer (PE) credential.

Professional Registration

To practise as a professional engineer in Malaysia, you have to

  • graduate with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering recognised by the Engineering Accreditation Department, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).
  • be registered as a Graduate Engineer with BEM, and a graduate member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM).
  • apply to become a professional engineer after you have obtained 3 years* of practical experience under the supervision of a professional engineer (2 years of general training and 1 year of professional career development)
  • pass the Professional Assessment Examination conducted by BEM.

*Note that at least one of the three years’ training must be under the supervision of a professional engineer of the same branch of engineering as practised by the graduate engineer.

All the best in pursuing your dream career!

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