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STUDYMALAYSIA Group’s services: Here’s how you can plan for your higher education with StudyMalaysia

by on August 23, 2023 | Top Stories

STUDYMALAYSIA Group’s services: Here’s how you can plan for your higher education with StudyMalaysia -

STUDYMALAYSIA has a wide range of resources that aim to help students decide what course of study is the right choice for their future.


All about higher education in Malaysia

If you want to know WHAT and WHERE to study in Malaysia without leaving your home, visit this most trusted website! Our comprehensive website lets you explore information about courses offered by Malaysia’s public and private higher educational institutions.

So what can you find on the website?

Some of the features in the website include:

  1. Course search - This helps you to search for a wide range of courses (public universities and private higher educational institutions) at the click of a mouse
  2. Institution search - Search for institutions of your choice easily
  3. Career Guide - Get more insight on how to make the right career choice
  4. Top Stories - Be among the first to know about the latest study choices, career information and education development
  5. Scholarship info - Equipped with a search function, this section contains information on various types of financial aid
  6. Event Calendar - Check out the latest events happenings around you: college activities, exhibitions, road shows, and others
  7. Articles on Study Opportunities - Useful write-up on study opportunities in Malaysia
  8. Enquiry and Applying for a Course Online – Send your enquiries to the institutions that interest you or apply for admission to a course by submitting your application form and document online
  9. Helpdesk - Need help? Visit out Helpdesk with your questions on what and where to study

2. myCOURSE e-Guide - An interactive ebook on study opportunities in Malaysia

myCOURSE e-Guide is an interactive resource that provides comprehensive details about study opportunities found at Malaysia’s universities and colleges. An indispensable reference, the e-Guide helps anyone who wishes to study in Malaysia to make an informed decision.

Let the 27 fields of study guide you to your dream career

That’s not all, the e-Guide also has a career guide page that tells you more about the 27 fields of study.

If you're not sure what course you should choose, read all about the 27 fields of study to find out which field is a good match for your interests and the possible careers in that field. If you've already identified a dream career, you can use the course search function to explore courses that prepare you for that career.

Get started on this e-Guide to discover how useful it is!

Download it FREE today and access it anywhere using your smartphone or any electronic device @

This e-Guide is jointly published with its print version of myCOURSE Guide. The Chinese edition of myCOURSE e-Guide will be out soon!

3. myCOURSE Guide (print version, series 2) – How to get started on choosing a course and university

We know that choosing a course to study at university or college is not easy. But did you know that you can find out if a course is a good match for you by discovering which field of study you’re interested in? Produced by StudyMalaysia, myCOURSE Guide, an annual publication, has helped thousands of students in planning for their higher education. Here’s how it can help you!

This Guide has two sections:

Course Directory (higher education) and the 27 Fields of Study

  1. The courses offered are sorted according to the participating institutions. These institutions include:
    • private universities, private university colleges and private colleges
    • foreign university branch campuses in Malaysia
    • international schools (pre-university courses)

    Go to this section if you want to find out what courses each institution offers.

  2. The courses offered by the participating institutions are sorted according to the 27 fields of study. What you can find in each field of study:
    • About this field of study and its sub-fields
    • Possible occupations you can explore under this field
    • List of courses offered by institutions under this field of study

    This section introduces students and school counsellors to the 27 fields of study and the sub-fields under each field of study. It aims to help students to understand the world of study disciplines available at universities and colleges at undergraduate level and the importance in choosing the right course to study. Students can use this section to help determining (by shortlisting) which fields out of the 27 fields they have an interest in.

    In this section, courses offered by the participating institutions are grouped according to each field of study. When you have identified the field(s) of study you’re interested in, you can refer to this section to find out which courses offered match your career goal, and the corresponding course providers in this field.

Study pathways and factors to consider when choosing a course

When choosing a course of study, there are many things you need to consider:

  1. Study pathways to progress to the next education level,
  2. Course and course provider (institution).

This Guide provides you a study pathways flow chart and a checklist on factors to consider when choosing a course. This is a handy list to get started the course exploration after you have found your interested fields of study.

4. myCAREER e-guide: The Path to Attaining 11 Professional Qualifications

FORGE AHEAD into the World of Professionalism with essential information from STUDYMALAYSIA’s myCAREER guidebook on 11 most sought-after professions in Malaysia.


STUDYMALAYSIA has released the first-of-its-kind myCAREER e-guide, namely The Path to Attaining 11 Professional Qualifications e-guide (Series 1.1, 2022) with essential information on 11 most sought-after professions in Malaysia.

This FREE inaugural interactive PDF e-guide is designed to help students, student’s parents and school counsellors understand the procedures, education qualification requirements and the path to attaining 11 professional qualifications. It details the processes and procedures on how to get professional registration with the authority in order to get registered and practise as a licensed professional in Malaysia.

The professional occupations featured here include Accountants, Architect, Engineer, Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist and more. Each profession comes with description and explanation of:

  • Tasks expected of a person in the profession
  • Skills or competencies required to be successful in the profession
  • Work-style expected of you on your jobs
  • Holland Interest Code to help you achieve career satisfaction
  • Education qualification needed for entry into the profession
  • Professional registration showing the path to attaining professional status and to be licensed to practise

We welcome you to download a copy of this e-guide at for reference. We hope you can help to share this PDF myCAREER e-guide with your colleagues, classmates, friends and all those who can benefit from it.

5. Online Course-Interest-Test (CIT) – Discovering which of the 27 fields of study is a good fit for you @

Are you planning to further your study at a university or college? Are you trying to figure out which course is right for you? If you need course selection guidance, try this first-of-its-kind course interest exploration assessment tool @ It is entirely possible for you to plan what to study at college or university from the comfort of your own home.

Formulated by STUDYMALAYSIA, Course-Interest-Test is available online and provides instant test results upon completion of the test. Currently CIT is provided free to guide students in discovering what fields of study would suit them best at college and university.

6. StudyMalaysia’s Facebook Page – Follow us for news, scholarship info and updates @

Our Facebook page has attracted more than 79,000 fans. Join us on Facebook today to get regular updates on scholarships, news on educational developments in Malaysia, and answers to your study queries.

7. Help Desk - Do you have a question on what and where to study in Malaysia? Get in touch with us!

Email: [email protected] or
Mobile 011-1659 3837 or
Office: +603-78803837
Help Desk:

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