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How to Begin Your Search for the Right Course After SPM?

by on December 2, 2015 | Top Stories

If you've just sat for the SPM examination, you may be wondering how to choose a suitable course to further your studies. There are many things to consider and you should explore all your options before making a decision.

Making Your Decision

Whether you are from the arts or science stream, you will have four major considerations when choosing a suitable course after your SPM. You will need to decide on:

How to Begin Your Search for the Right Course After SPM? -

  • the level of education you want to pursue (e.g. a pre-university programme that enables you to pursue year 1 of a bachelor's degree; certificate; diploma, American Degree Programme; Teacher Training Programme; semi-professional or professional qualification and many more.)
  • the choice of institution (e.g. public or private institution of higher education, foreign institution, etc.)
  • your field of study and qualification (courses can be grouped into arts-based courses, science-based courses, or career-based courses)
  • or whether to go into the job market immediately

It is of paramount importance for school leavers to choose a right study choice for further education. While some have made up their minds on which education route to take, many are still undecided. For the latter, how should they begin their search?

Among all the considerations stated above, the most important factor is choosing the field of study that matches your interests.

What are fields of study and why do they matter?

How to Begin Your Search for the Right Course After SPM? - StudyMalaysia.comCourses offered at universities and colleges can be grouped under some 27 fields of study. A field of study consists of a broad area of academic and skills qualifications or courses that come under a similar branch of subject knowledge. In addition, courses offered under each field of study require similar academic entry requirements.

By finding out which field of study you are interested in, you will be able to determine a good career match for yourself. Your career goal may fit into one field, or you may also find that you're interested in several different fields of study. If that is the case, it is still often possible to bring these fields together to find a career that is a good fit.

To make sure you have made a good choice, the field of study you have chosen should fit with your interests and prepare you for the career you want. Once you have decided on the field of study, find out which higher education institutions offer the courses or qualifications that matches your career goal. There would be different education levels of study - such as certificate or diploma or bachelor's degree - that you need to complete before you end up with the dream career of your chosen field.

Here's an overview of the 27 Fields of Study:

Source: Education Guide Malaysia 14th Edition, published by Challenger Concept (M) Sdn Bhd

For more details on each of the 27 fields of study and the courses offered under each field, click here.

How the StudyMalaysia Media Group helps SPM school leavers

How to Begin Your Search for the Right Course After SPM? -

A. website

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So what can you find on the website?

Some of the features in the website include:

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  5. Latest Scholarship - Equipped with a search function, this section contains information on various types of financial aid
  6. Event Calendar - Check out the latest events happenings around you: college activities, exhibitions, road shows, and other
  7. Articles on Study Opportunities - Useful write-ups on study opportunities in Malaysia
  8. Enquiry and Applying for a Course Online - Send your enquiries to the institutions that interest you or apply for admission to a course by submitting your application form and document online
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