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SPM tips and resources -

SPM tips and resources

Get your studying done well before the exam

The SPM exam is around the corner. Don't allow yourself to lose sleep over it. Losing sleep is both frustrating and tiring. If you get your studying done well before the exam, you may be able to get your usual sleep. However, a lot of students cannot help cramming in facts the night before the big day.

The following are established approaches that have helped many students improve SPM examination grades and prepare more efficiently for the exams.

  1. Have an early start: Commence your revision early so that you do not have to cram too much facts into your mind at the last minute. In fact there is no other more fool-proof way than this. Students can save a lot of time studying if they consistently revise new lessons taught in school or in online classes. Should there be any problems, they can be addressed straightaway and not when the exam is looming. If you do this, you can confidently psych yourself up before the exam telling yourself “I have prepared well and will do well.”
  2. Organise your study time: Planning a timetable for yourself early will enable you to have time for recreational activities besides studying. Remember “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Without a relaxed mind it will take you more time than necessary to absorb facts. Time must be allotted for entertainment and also there should be sufficient intervals between subjects. Thus, when planning a timetable take into consideration how many hours you would like to spend at your books each day and what subjects to study. You may want to spend more time on subjects you are weak at. Once you have drawn up a timetable, stick to it as far as possible without giving excuses.
  3. Make notes while studying: It is good practice to jot down important points or highlight them to make it easier for later reference without having to go through whole chunks of information before the exam. The use of mnemonics is a good way of remembering facts.
  4. Review and practise past year examination questions: Doing this will familiarise you with the exam format and nature of questions asked. During the exam proper the exam paper will not appear so foreign to you. Moreover, you should try to constantly practise finishing the paper within the stipulated time limit. Oftentimes we hear of students complaining after the exam that they have no time to do certain questions or they have to rush through certain questions. This is usually because they overspend time on other questions. Managing your time when doing an exam is very crucial to your performance.
  5. Seek for advice/guidance: The advantage of starting early on your revision is that it will give you ample time to seek help from teachers, tutors or friends should you face problems in your studies.
  6. Organise study groups. This method works only for certain students. Some students can study better on their own and only approach others when they need help while others may do better in groups. Determine you own study style.
  7. Sleep well the night before the exam and eat well before you go for the exam.

In your preparation for the coming SPM exam, if you need quick access to revision notes, practice questions or even a cyber lesson, try out these websites that can help you in your SPM revision.


    In this website, you can find free online reference books and notes for SPM subjects including Science, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. The site also provides a study forum for students and teachers to discuss academic problems. The forum is managed by a few volunteer teachers who have years of experience teaching their respective subjects.
  2. SPMflix

    This is one of the most popular SPM platforms today. When you enrol you can have access to SPM Seminar Recordings that provide tips and answering techniques for up to 12 SPM subjects. You will be able to ask questions via WhatsApp. You can register now for the SPM Seminar. You can also gain access to videos and notes produced by highly-experienced teachers.
  3. BijakSPM

    This is a FREE resource for students preparing for SPM. You have to register in order to access countless test questions and find out how best to answer the questions. This is where you can get to practise your answering skills. The tests are prepared by experienced teachers with answering guides to improve your answering skills. Register for free and a password will be sent to your email. Then you can log in to the BijakSPM portal and download the free papers online.
  4. Bumi Gemilang

    You will find a collection of SPM trial papers from 2017 to 2021 with answer schemes here. Subjects include Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah, Matematik, Bahasa Inggeris, Fizik, Kimia, Matematik Tambahan, Biologi, Prinsip Perakaunan, Sains, Pendidikan Islam, Pendidikan Moral, Perniagaan, Ekonomi, Pendidikan Seni Visual, Tasawwur Islam, Geografi, Bahasa Arab, Bahasa Cina, Pendidikan Al-Quran dan Al-Sunnah, Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah, Kesusasteraan Melayu, Sains Komputer, Sains Rumahtangga, Bahasa Tamil, Sains Sukan, Grafik Komunikasi Teknikal, Pertanian, Reka Cipta.

    This site has a book on ‘The Best SPM Exam Tips’. Besides it has also prepared forecast SPM questions for different subjects for the exam in March 2022. They’re not free though – the booklet for each subject costs RM20 each and the subjects offered include: Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Inggeris, Matematik, Sains, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Add Maths, Perniagaan, Ekonomi, Perakaunan, Pendidikan Islam, and Sejarah.
  6. Sistem Guru Online

    Another popular site is the Sistem Guru Online. Its updates are also available on Facebook and Telegram. Besides SPM trial papers and answer schemes (2015-2019), you can also find notes and marking schemes here.
  7. iTTVEducation

    If you learn best by having a teacher explain a concept to you then you could try iTTV. Although iTTV requires a subscription in order for you to enjoy its full benefits, you can still access many useful videos on YouTube. Just key in ‘ITTV SPM’ in the search bar to see a full list of videos available or add other keywords like ‘chemical bonds’, ‘exam tips’ and so on.

STUDYMALAYSIA would like to wish you all the best in the coming exam. Just do your best and you have nothing to worry about.


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