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Venturing Into Interior Design

by on August 11, 2017 | Top Stories, Career Guide

Venturing Into Interior Design -

Look around you. The room that you are in right now when you pick up this reading material has been designed in a certain way, the furniture and lighting calculatively placed, as was the ventilation, flooring, and wall, if you are located indoors right now. These arrangements take a great deal of thought and could be professionally done by an interior designer whose job is to plan the decoration inside a building such as a house or an office. Today, interior design is an essential part to every day modern living as there is a high demand of living with style because of our lifestyle has improved with better economic opportunities mushrooming around us.

Dr Eric Leong, Head of The One Academy's School of Interior Design in a discussion with students during an interactive session.

Planning a space within a building requires more than a great deal of thought. It dictates the need of experience as well as many other characteristics to know how to fill a functional living space aesthetically. Some of the examples a great interior designer will have to take into consideration are factors like how much lighting a room has and needs according to its function, the exterior weather or climate of the area, the emotions or sentimentality one wants to evoke from a particular room, the upcoming trends in interior design and much more.

Question is, do you have what it takes to be an interior designer? If you are diligent, driven, patient, resourceful and creative, you do. At The One Academy, its meticulous diploma and degree courses cover all grounds including the basics. Students can expect to be thoroughly drilled to master techniques such as construction drawing, furniture design, lightning design and much, much more.

Dr. Eric Leong, well-loved Malaysian celebrity interior designer who wears many hats, is also TV host of several interior design shows and The One Academy’s Head of the School of Interior Architecture. Along with his elite team of lecturers, they passionately educate students on many aspects of interior design and essential practical knowledge including inspiration-sourcing methods, 2D and 3D software applications maneuvering techniques and colour decisions.

Offering an interior design diploma and an international degree in architecture and interior design which is conceptualised by the University of Hertfordshire (UK), students will develop a proficiency in a wide range of designs and how to observe, analyse, represent and communicate the qualities of existing spaces while exploring how other designers improve such spaces.

Graduates of The One Academy’s Interior Architecture and Design diploma and degree courses have a wide range of career options to choose from and not just limited to interior design. They can be a CAD Designer, a Colour Consultant, a Film, TV and Stage Set Designer, a Furniture Designer or a Product Designer. These careers are in great demand and well-paid in the industry, ensuring those who successfully establish themselves in the industry live a comfortable lifestyle.

Interior Design conceptualisation projects by The One Academy students.   Dr Eric Leong, Head of The One Academy's School of Interior Design in a discussion with students during an interactive session.

Article contributed by The One Academy

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