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Whither are you bound after your A-level?

by on August 9, 2021 | Top Stories

Whither are you bound after your A-level? -

The time has come for the announcement of the Cambridge International A-level results for 2021. The release date for the A-levels May/June 2021 exam results is scheduled for 10 AUGUST 2021. So, get yourselves geared up to receive your results and thereupon plan your next course of action for further studies.

Login details for the candidate result @ If you have lost them, please contact the exams officer at your school or centre where you have taken your exams.

Subject grading for General Certificate of Education (GCE) A-Level qualification

GCE Advanced Level – subject grades are A*(a*), A(a), B(b), C(c), D(d), or E(e). E(e) which indicates a pass at Advanced Level, grade A*(a*) being the highest and grade E(e) the lowest.

Due to the pandemic, 2 types of assessments were carried out for June 2021 exam. Students in Malaysia sat for a global time-tabled assessment while in some countries where exams could not be carried out, it was switched to school-assessed grades. However, both categories of students will receive their results at the same time (10 AUGUST 2021) regardless of the nature of assessment.

Application to universities via UCAS

Students' results are made available to universities before they are released to students. Universities will process the results and update the status of their offers via UCAS Track (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Students should check their accounts to see whether they have been accepted into the university of their choice. If their accounts have not been updated, they can contact the university. If they are not satisfied with what is offered or wish to change their chosen course they can go through 'Adjustment" to find a new course/university. Students who are unsuccessful in securing places will have their account status changed to "You are in Clearing" and they will be given a Clearing ID number each. Students can use this ID to find courses at universities with places still available.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions in the teaching and learning process and it has been a challenging time for parents, students and teachers alike. In such trying times, students need a lot of comfort and understanding from their parents.

As parents, here are some ways you can help alleviate your children's stress:

  • You should encourage your children to draw up some alternative plans in case the results they receive do not permit them to pursue initial plans.
  • Be ready to comfort your children if they get results below their expectations.
  • Do not rush them into making a decision without weighing the different options.

Students, on your part you should remember the following advice:

  • Be calm and positive . There is no way you can change your results. Whatever will be, will be. Accept your results and prepare for the next course of action.
  • Have enough sleep the night before so that you will be fresh and alert when you login to the candidate result website to view your results.

Be proud to be a GCE A-Level qualification holder

Come what may, students should be proud to be armed with a set of A-Level results. With your A-Level results you have an edge over others who do not have them.

Completing the A-levels:

  • gives you the option of pursuing further education inthe various premier private and semi-state universities inMalaysia as well as overseas.
  • offers broader choices of studies at tertiary level.
  • offers the best route into top universities as A-levels are widely accepted by all the very best UK, US, Australia, Singapore, universities including Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Monash, NUS, etc.
  • opens education pathways into other top universities and educational institutions around the world.

A strong set of A-level results coupled with a degree will certainly contribute to your marketability upon graduation. Thus with all the above benefits, doing A-level for international students is certainly a good choice among pre-university studies. It helps you make the transition from school to university and goes a long way in preparing you for a successful future.

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