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Generous scholarships, bursaries and fee discounts are offered to students who are keen to study at the University of Reading Malaysia.

Students will only be eligible to apply for the scholarships, bursaries and fee discounts described if they are a registered student of the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) and paying fees directly to UoRM.

Students that are registered as a University of Reading (UoR) student and are applying to transfer to UoRM for discrete elements of their overall UoR programme of study are not eligible.

Provost's Award

This scholarship offers the very best, high achieving students the equivalent of a 100% discount on fees. A small number of awards will be available at each intake for students applying to Foundation and Undergraduate Programmes.

To apply for a Provost's Award, students must first apply for their chosen programme. Students who meet the criteria for the highest High Achiever i.e. entitled to the 30% Scholarship will then be invited to complete a second application for a Provost’s Award, which will include a personal statement about their achievements and why they think they deserve the award.

Shortlisted candidates will then be invited to the campus for a formal interview before the final awards are made.

High Achiever's Scholarship

Students who demonstrate exemplary academic ability and results will automatically receive this scholarship. Discounts of up to 30% off Year 1 tuition fees are available, depending on the level of achievement, as per the following chart:

SPM, O Levels, or equivalent qualification: 7-8 As 20% OFF FOUNDATION PROGRAMME TUITION FEE
SPM or equivalent qualification: 9 As and above 30% OFF FOUNDATION PROGRAMME TUITION FEE
A Levels AAB / STPM AAB / IB 35 Points / CPU 85% / ATAR 92 / UEC 6A / Malaysian Matriculation CGPA 3.5 or equivalent qualifications 20% OFF YEAR 1 UG TUITION FEE
UEC 7A / Malaysian Matriculation CGPA 3.75 or equivalent qualifications 25% OFF YEAR 1 UG TUITION FEE
A Levels AAA / STPM AAA / IB 37 Points / CPU 90% / ATAR 95 / UEC 8A / Malaysian Matriculation CGPA 4.0 or equivalent qualifications 30% OFF YEAR 1 UG TUITION FEE

Students can apply for a High Achiever Award by simply ticking a box on the chosen programme application form. Supporting evidence of predicted or received grades must be provided in order to determine the level of scholarship to be awarded.

Note that students receiving a Provost's Award or High Achiever's Scholarship must maintain a grade A/70% average to continue receiving their scholarship in Years 2 and 3. Terms and conditions apply.

Automatic Scholarships

The University awards automatic scholarships in two categories:

  • Alumni Scholarships for children of alumni (10% scholarship)
  • Family Scholarships for immediate family members of University staff members (15% scholarship).

Note that scholarships are not cumulative; for instance, if a student qualifies for a High Achiever scholarship of 30% and an Alumni Scholarship of 10%, that student would not receive a 40% reduction. These scholarships are only applicable where primary registration is at and tuition fees are payable to UoRM. Mobility students visiting from the UoR campus would therefore not be eligible.

Terms and conditions apply.

For any enquiries regarding scholarships and other available discounts please contact:
Toll free: +1800 18 6867
Tel: +60 (7) 268 6205
Email: [email protected]


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