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Tamhidi (Foundation Studies) for Syariah & Law

Offered by: Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM)
Exam BodyInternal Qualification, Malaysia
Course Duration2 Sem
Part Time/Full TimeFull Time
FacultyUSIM Tamhidi Centre
Conducted entirely in MalaysiaYes
Awarding CountryMalaysia
Level of StudyPre-University/Foundation Studies
Field of StudyPre-University Programme / University Foundation Studies
Stream RequirementsArts/Science Stream
Course Description

Tamhidi of Shari’ah and Law aims to provide students with basic knowledge and skills in the areas of civil law and Shari’ah, and ensuring English and Arabic proficiently. The students are targeted to further study into the Bachelor of Shari’ah and Law, in Faculty of Shari’ah and Law. In addition, students are not only well versed in the legal and Shari’ah but maintaining a noble character, cautious, disciplined, responsible to religion, society, and the country in line with the integration of Naqli and Aqli knowledge.  

Entry Requirements

General Admission Requirements 


  1. Warganegara Malaysia; dan
  2. Lulus peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia atau setaraf dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya LIMA (5) kepujian termasuk Bahasa Melayu.

Specific Admission Requirements 


  1. Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya Gred B dalam mata pelajaran berikut:
    • Bahasa Arab Tinggi / Bahasa Arab Komunikasi / Bahasa Arab
    • Bahasa Inggeris
  2. Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya Gred C+ dalam MANA-MANA DUA (2) mata pelajaran berikut:
    • Pendidikan Islam / Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah / Pendidikan Al-Quran dan As-Sunnah / Tasawwur Islam
  3. Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya Gred C+ dalam mata pelajaran Matematik atau Matematik Tambahan.
  4. Memperoleh sekurang-kurangnya Gred C+ dalam MANA-MANA SATU (1) mata pelajaran yang lain.

All fees are in RM (Ringgit Malaysia) currency unless stated otherwise.

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