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Fields of Study: Communication and Broadcasting

by on July 19, 2018 | Career Guide

Do you have a passion for investigating and sharing news, writing or speaking for different types of audiences, or making presentations and videos to share with others?

Communication and Broadcasting

What’s It About ?

The study of communication and broadcasting involves the creation, production and dissemination of information and messages through various media. The field also requires an understanding of the interrelated nature of media industries; the evaluation of the media and their impact and effectiveness on individuals and society; and the skills necessary to write, produce and distribute media messages.

The mass media industry includes radio, television, cable, film, the Internet, multimedia and mobile platforms. Communication involves collecting and analysing facts about events and individuals, writing reports, commentaries and stories, researching public opinion and analysing findings. Broadcasting includes directing and co-ordinating the filming of motion picture and television programmes, recording and broadcasting radio productions, editing films and videos, and adding sound tracks.

Possible Occupations

  • Advertising Account Managers
  • Audio Specialists
  • Broadcast Journalists
  • Copywriters
  • Corporate Communications Manager
  • Editors
  • International Correspondents
  • Journalists
  • Media Planners
  • News Anchors
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Radio Announcers
  • Radio Directors
  • Radio Producers
  • Scriptwriters
  • TV Directors
  • TV Hosts
  • TV Producers
  • Visual Specialists
  • Writers
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Career Options in Communication and Broadcasting

Why Study Mass Communication at SEGi
Why Study Mass Communication at SEGi

Mass communication is an exciting and fast-paced field with a wide selection of career opportunities in areas like advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations and marketing. As a mass communication student, you will examine how media works and how it affects our society socially and culturally.

Careers in communication and broadcasting

Careers in communication and broadcasting

Careers in communications and broadcasting involve disseminating news, information and entertainment through a variety of media platforms to the public. These include using the spoken and written word, sound and pictures to create content for traditional media like newspapers, magazines, television, film and radio; as well as new media which includes websites, online video/audio streams, social media, blogs, web-based advertisements, and more.

So you wanna be a PR manager

So you wanna be a PR manager

Do you love planning events? Are you good at writing? Is socializing something you do easily? Public relations provides a versatile career path where you can find job opportunities in many different industries. However, PR is not just about meeting interesting people and being the centre of attention. PR professionals have a passion for helping brands and people grow their reputations and build lasting relationships.

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How Much You Should Expect To Be Paid When You Graduate In Arts / Media / Communication

How Much You Should Expect To Be Paid When You Graduate In Arts / Media / Communication

If you’ve just graduated or will be graduating soon, you might be wondering how much salary to expect when applying for your first job in Arts / Media / Communication. Here is a guide to the average salary of entry level job in Malaysia for Arts / Media / Communication according to’s 2017 salary report.

What is communication and broadcasting all about?

What is communication and broadcasting all about?

Are you interested in current affairs, entertainment and breaking news? Do you find it exciting to be actively involved with the production of news for radio, television or online media? Do you have good language skills, both written and spoken?

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