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Why Many International Students Pursue Postgraduate Studies in Malaysia?

Malaysia - A Land of Opportunities for Research

Malaysia is a land of opportunities where postgraduate studies are concerned. Malaysia has embarked on an aggressive pursuit of telemedicine, online information services, electronic commerce, digital broadcasting and many other booming industries. The Malaysian government has also launched biotechnology initiatives on a big scale in terms of research and development.

Malaysia has the oldest tropical rainforest in the world which offers vast resources for research in finding treatments and cures for diseases. On top of that, Malaysia possesses impressive natural biodiversity. The fauna and fl ora, natural terrain as well as marine resources are good grounds for research in science and technology.

Abundant Choices

Postgraduate courses conducted in English are available in many fields of study at the following institutions:

  • Public universities which offer research-based qualifications
  • Private colleges which offer foreign postgraduate qualifications in collaboration with overseas partner universities from USA, UK and Australia
  • Private universities which offer home-grown postgraduate courses
  • Foreign university branch campuses which offer internationally-rated qualification

Competitive Cost of Education

The advantage of pursuing a postgraduate courses in Malaysia is the competitive education cost. The tuition fees for postgraduate courses offered by higher educational institutions throughout Malaysia are among the lowest compared to the fees charged by universities in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and other universities in this region. The cost of pursuing a master of Arts Degree (Humanities) at a public university can be as low as RM3,000 (USD 858) per academic year.

Below is an example of a cross-country education cost comparison for postgraduate studies:

Fees and Living Cost Comparison for a Full-time MBA (1 Year)
Programme Estimated Cost (Fees & Living Costs) at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Estimated Cost (Fees & Living Costs) at University of Nottingham UK
Full-time Business MBA (1 year) RM60,000 (USD17,145) RM186,000 (USD58,040)

Source: University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus & Education Guide Malaysia (11th edition)
Currency Conversion Rate: USD1=RM3.50

Competitive Cost of Education

Another benefit of pursuing postgraduate studies in Malaysia is that students can bring along their family. The immigration procedures in Malaysia allow a student�s immediate family (which includes parents, spouse and children) to stay with the student as long as the student is studying in Malaysia. The application for a long stay visa is simple.

Emphasis on R&D and Commercialisation

The Malaysian government encourages postgraduate studies in the area of Research & Development (R&D) which leads to commercialisation. As such, there are now numerous programmes and research projects offered by public and private higher educational institutions. This gives international students the opportunity to engage in some really exciting postgraduate research.

Four public universities in Malaysia have been designated as research universities and R&D at these universities focus on ICT, microelectronics, advanced materials technology, biotechnology, life sciences, energy and environmental-related technology, and aerospace.

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