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Postgraduate study is significantly important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research.

Duration of Study

Postgraduate students may choose to pursue a full or part-time programme. However, some universities require students to fulfill a residential requirement, for example, one semester for the Master of Philosophy programme and two semesters for the Doctor of Philosophy programme.

Students can also apply for transfer of credit hours if they have already taken related courses as most universities will consider giving a student relevant exemptions. However, universities may impose some conditions for the transfer of credit hours from another university to theirs, for example, the condition in ensuring that the credit hours do not exceed a set percentage of the credit hours allocated for the programme.

Overall, the duration of completing the programme depends on the progress of the individual student and the type of course chosen. Basically, the minimum and maximum periods are as follows:

Duration of Study at Master�s and PhD Levels
Programme Minimum (usually full-time students) Maximum (usually part-time students)
Master�s 2-6 semesters 4-10 semesters
PhD 4-12 semesters 8-16 semesters

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