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Postgraduate study is significantly important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research.

Acquiring a Postgraduate Qualification

Generally, there are three modes of acquiring a postgraduate qualification and each depends on the student�s needs and the provider�s requirements:

  • Coursework/Taught-Course (MA, MSc/MS)
    This is where students need to complete a minimum hours-of-study in coursework (e.g. 42 credit hours). No thesis is required. Taught courses make up the widest choice of subjects at the postgraduate level. Here, students have the opportunity to work in small groups and contribute towards an exciting mix of ideas and experience. Taught courses consist of essays, project work, industrial or business placements, problem-solving classes, lectures, tutorials and discussion groups as well as assessments / examinations.
  • Coursework & Dissertation/Research Report (MA, MSc/MS)
    This pathway involves students completing their coursework credits and submitting dissertations on their research projects (e.g. minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework and 6 hours of research). This may include individual or group projects or research dissertation.
  • Research & Submission of Thesis (MPhil, PhD)
    Students taking this pathway undertake to conduct scholarly research, submit a thesis and make a viva presentation. The Research Master�s degree acquired is usually a transitional degree to a doctorate (PhD).

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