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Postgraduate study is significantly important when you aim to reposition your career or to begin scientific research.

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Master of Business Administration

Offered By: INTI International University & Colleges

(Degree conferred by INTI-UC and the University of Hertfordshire)

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a specially-designed postgraduate degree that gives invaluable knowledge in business management. The necessary knowledge and skills required, both theoretical as well as practical, will benefi t students in managerial and administrative jobs. The programme is a high level specialist qualifi cation that gives students better career prospects.

Dual Certifi cation Awards: Graduates who qualify for the INTIUC Master of Business Administration will also receive a MA in
Management Studies from the University of Hertfordshire, UK.


  • With over 22 years experience in the Malaysian education sector, the INTI Education Group is one of the most established names in the industry with a proven track record of success. INTI has consistently set new benchmarks in the education sector, and is today part of a dynamic global education group which brings a whole new dimension to its suite of services and offerings.
  • INTI has a stellar team of academics who ensure the best teaching methodologies for its students, and all hold professional
    qualifi cations that range from the master’s to PhD levels and many also have industrial exposure.
  • All postgraduate programmes conducted are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.