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Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Achievements Posted: 04 December 2009; Category: Achievement


While we have always maintained a strong focus on agriculture, science and technology, our cutting edge advances have really borne fruit in the agro-biotech sector. To date, UPM has filed the highest number of patents – 169 – among universities, the highest record for a Malaysian university. We have also commercialized 15 products so far, from which sales generated amounted to RM32 million. Among our notable research breakthroughs is the Fast Target White Spot Virus Detection Kit, which saved the shrimp industry from near collapse in the late 1990s. It was estimated that this Kit saved shrimp farmers about RM72 million in potential losses. ZAPPA, the rice seeds germination enhancer, and Vita-Grow, the growth and yield enhancer have, together, generated about RM23.7 million in sales. In making strides, UPM has quickened the pace of technology transfer to benefit local industries, thus relying less on importing expensive foreign technologies. A recent innovation – Recombinant Pneumonic Mannheimia Vaccine - was sold for RM4 million plus 25% equity to a spin-off company.


• Vita-Grow, growth and yield enhancer
• ZAPPA, rice seeds germination enhancer
• Fowl Pox Vaccine, tissue culture adapted
• Newcastle Disease Vaccine, V4-UPM heat resistant strain
• FAST TARGET, white spot virus detection kit
• StellarLac, chicken probiotic technology
• Fibre Duplexer Module (FDM)
• Stone Mastic Asphalt with cellulose oil palm fibre
• MyVAC UPM93, infectious bursal diesease vaccine
• MRTLatexometer, for rapid measurement of dry rubber content
• BACTERIOCIN UL4, antimicrobial compound
• KUSTEMVax, mannheimiosis vaccine
• Trichogreen, biocontraol agent and growth enhancer (oil palm)

Further inroads have also been made in biogas and bio-mass products, composting of bio-acids and bio-plastic from solid wasters and composting from sewage sludge.


UPM has an allocation of almost RM90 million for multi-displinary research, making it the recipient of the largest grant for research in Malaysia. With our excellent infrastructure, responsive management and a campus environment geared towards inspiring innovation and scholarship, students will enjoy every motivation and support in their quest for quality mentoring. To maintain our leadership position, we will intensify efforts in research collaborations and synergistic partnerships.


For the year 2007, UPM has produced 2,678 publications that comprised of 639 articles with journal citation reference and 367 with journal non-citation reference. In 2007, we won 583 awards which included gold medals at the British Invention Show, and gold and silver medals in the IENA show in Nuremberg, Germany. At Eureka 2007 in Belgium, UPM walked away with 10 awards.


The numerous awards that UPM has been bestowed with over the years are testimony to the university's prestige and status in the Asia Pacific region. As one of the top ranked research universities, we have a pivotal role and a social obligation to produce academics and thinking individuals who will make a real difference to the world.

• Awarded The 2008 National Intellectual Property Award for Organization Category and Individual Category
• Received the highest number of gold medals amongst Higher Education in Malaysia Technology Expo, 2008
• Awarded the 2007 Financial Management Quality (The Statutory Bodies Category)
• Awarded the 2007 Technology Business Review ASEAN Award for Excellence in Education Sector for Research University

Awarded the 2008 Technology Business Review ASEAN Award for Education Management Sector for Research University
• 100 Highest ICT Users amongst Higher Learning Institutions in Asia; 4th in Asia and 1st in Malaysia (MIS Magazine 2007)
• Research University (2006)
• Centre of Excellence for Agro-Biotechnology (National Biotech Policy 2005)
• 7th Best MBA School in Southeast Asia and Best MBA School in Malaysia
• Acknowledged as the Centre of Excellence for Agricultural Education (announced during the National Budget 2004)
• Biggest recipient of research grants
• More than 90% of its faculties have attained ISO 9000 certification