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INTI University College Achievements Posted: 04 December 2009; Category: Achievement

Institution’s Achievements & Activities in Research

AS INTI-UC status as University College was only awarded in September 2006, research achievements are correspondingly at a beginning stage. However, we have produced Annual Research Reports for 2006 and for 2007. These were circulated to all staff in INTI-UC as well as branch campuses to ensure awareness of the research projects carried out during those years as well as publications resulting from them.

Importantly, the activities carried out were awareness programs, such as inductions about research, research seminars, research dialogues and individual as well as group discussions with research practitioners on how to start research, how to develop a research topic and so on.

In some Faculties, Research Groups have been formed involving a number of researchers in the same area, in order to develop synergy in research.

The Research Reports alluded to above provide some specific activities and areas of research.

Other activities include the dissemination of information on conferences, research funding and similar.

Significant Research Currently Undertaking

1. Kisspeptin Peptidomimetics for pubertal control – jointly with Monash University Sunway campus. Assoc Prof Geeta Selvarajah from INTI-UC is working with world renown brain researcher, Professor Dr Ishwar Parhar from Monash University Sunway Campus.

2. Transformative Learning – Faculty of Engineering & Technology in a Research Group by the same name. This research has shown that Malaysian students are significantly assisted when they transfer overseas in effecting independent learning and it is expected to show that it will help graduates to be long-life independent learners which together will change the landscape of Malaysian knowledge workers

3. Construction of plant virus-based vectors for therapeutic protein delivery – jointly with University of Nottingham Malaysia campus. Engineered transgenic palnt as proposed in this study has many potential advantages for the production of recombinant proteins compared with microbial and animal cell culture systems, and transgenic animals. These have been identified and research is on going.